Creepy Greenpeace ratbags scaring the kids again for Christmas

Greenpeace really are scurrilous lying ratbags, now they are trying to scare the kids by spreading lies about climate change using Santa Claus.

As is usual it is nothing more than lies and mis-truths dressed up as a begging appeal for a greedy global corporate built on those lies and a foundation of hypocrisy.  

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Even the founder of Greenpeace is calling them hypocrites.

Why BP would sell them anything is beyond me…after all the deceptive campaigns Greenpeace has run against them, if I was a BP executive I’d issue a global directive that Greenpeace are persona non grata and are to be denied refuelling with any products produced or delivered by BP anywhere in the world.


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  • With such an expansion of Polar Bear habitat, some good ‘scientific harvesting’ is in order.

    • PsychoKea

      Yes but to make it sporting you can only take a knife, should make a good video.

  • S P

    On the news the other night they were covering the ” protest ” over deepsea drilling off the NZ coast. There was a young child there with her parents holding up a placard saying ” save our beaches” . When the reporter asked the child why she was protesting she said ” because I don’t want our beaches ruined by um um um um at which point she looked at her Mum who whispered in her ear ” oil ” which she duly trotted out.
    Do these people have no conscience using kids as pawns. By the way I’m sure they all then got back in their cars and drove home using ” you know what” the dreaded evil ” oil “.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The smelly green hippicrits probably don’t pay for it. Just drive off.

    • S P

      Maybe , If we just extracted the oil from their greasy hair and armpits ( and that includes the women ) the whole oil shortage problem would be solved

      • Mr_Blobby

        There is no shortage of oil we were supposed to run out in the mid 80,s according to the Greenies but the known reserves are far greater today, and more is being discovered all the time.

        Like all of their predictions based on science, it has proven to be incorrect, but you will not hear one apology.

        They should just go into the mountains and dig themselves a bunker to wait out the end of the World.

        • S P

          Yes, thank you , you are right and I agree, there is not an oil shortage but merely a brain cell shortage …….
          P.S i enjoy your comments.

        • baw

          The Greens are correct, the oil will run out eventually. But so long as we are able to get decent price signals to tell us when the oil is starting to run out (thus giving us time to develop substitutes), we can safely use the oil we have for ages. Add to that that our energy efficiency has significantly improved since the 1980’s.

          The price of oil in the oil shocks of the 1970’s got people to look for more oil, reduce consumption, and develop substitutes. Oil prices then significantly dropped.

          If oil starts running out then prices will rise and alternatives will be developed in due course. It is called capitalism.

          However the realistic substitutes to oil will include a massive amount of non green tech. For example development of synthetic petrol from coal and gas. This is because people will look at the economic realities and technology we already have.

          • Cadwallader

            Agree. The world can’t achieve peak oil until years after peak exploration. The Greens deserve to be ignored.

          • AndrewH

            Exactly its not like the stone age finished because we ran out of stones. As our knowledge expands we will invent alternatives to fossil fuels, and in doing so make any reserves left in the ground worthless. So it would be incredibly dumb of this country to leave it in the ground, while prices are good.

      • baw

        Ah no, I doubt we would get enough from there. And it would not be economical to do so. Much cheaper to drill.

  • longjohn

    That is one of the most disturbing video clips I have seen from those idiots. How dare they try to subvert children with that sort of tripe. Very low indeed.

    • S P

      Yes, you are right and for a moment I thought he was from the ” teachers” union.

  • baw

    Finland, Canada, and Greenland all claim to be the real home of Santa Claus. And thus he does not live at the North Pole.

    BP are able to profit from their opponents by selling them fuel and are thus able to highlight their Hippocratic.

    However perhaps they could start up a voluntary exclusion list for those who don’t want to be sold fuel (like those for problem Gamblers at Casinos). I wounder how many people would sign up to this?

    Ten, twenty, two, one?

  • Col

    I was wondering, all these earth quakes we are having, I thought the Greens would be telling us the reason this is happening is because of all the oil being taken out of the ground, well it makes more bloody sense than Fracking, just kidding!!!

  • LesleyNZ

    That is just terrible. Who is the actor?

    • Don W

      I could be wrong but he looks like the butler in Downton Abbey

      • LesleyNZ

        I think it is him. What’s he getting mixed up with this lot for?

  • Andy
  • motorizer

    I’ll bet the greens think they are pretty clever and funny hijacking Santa. But they will only show themselves for the moral-less lowlifes that they are. Remember the internet ads where if the kids didn’t believe in global warming their heads explode? It shows the depths they will go to and there is no line to cross when it comes to global socialism.I feel very sorry for true environmentalists who don’t have a clue who they can trust.

  • timemagazine

    These people are getting every day more and more disgusting ( if this can still be possible). Their message is probably resounding less and less with the adult population after they were exposed as liars, cheaters and cooking their books and have now taken a different approach by starting to indoctrinate the kids.
    Instead of scarring people they’d better cherish their accomplishments-more full efficient cars, insulted homes, energy efficient light bulbs…
    But the left can never be happy, they must have a constant enemy to fight with.
    Whale readers, I read all your comments on this subject and had the best laugh ever! Thanks!

  • Bryan

    the ICE has reached out north in the south the most for 35 years and the arctic is already heading the same way, and just today we have massive snow in TEXAS and scotland and germany and swiss alps all got snow 3 weeks earlier that last year go and look on swiss webcams and you see for yourself how much is down already

    • Cowgirl

      Yep tonnes of snow I Canada already too.

  • Cowgirl

    Atrocious propaganda. Personally I wouldn’t care if Christmas was to be cancelled either, so it fails on all fronts.

    • S P

      No please. Don’t be a ‘ grinch ‘ and rob me of my only chance to enjoy needless expense and having to put up with my entire family for a whole Xmas day.

      • Cowgirl

        Sorry but I am the grinchiest of the grinches :)

        • Rodger T

          Here`s one for you CG,

          • Cowgirl

            Yeah that about sums it up thanks :)
            To add insult to injury, I work in the greeting card industry where it’s Xmas all year round. About to enter into the busiest portion of the year as we put together our choices for Xmas 2014.
            No, just no.

          • LabTested

            There’s still a greeting card industry?

            Mostly I just get an email such as

            Moneys tight
            Times are hard
            Consider this
            Your Christmas card

          • Cowgirl

            Yes, but they’re having to ‘diversify’.

  • S P

    Not to worry ‘ Global warming ” will keep them all toasty.Oh yeah, sorry, that was the Greenpeace position last week.
    Any idea what they are banging on about this week ??

  • 1951

    The Greens ……picking on Christmas now…………..what a despicable bunch of creeps!

  • Bunswalla

    So Santa’s a derelict wino, it looked like he was pissing in the corner in the first frames. He must have been on the meths, if not the meth, as he seems sadly out of touch with the reality that there’s a sleigh-load more ice in the Arctic this year than last.

    You have to admit it’s a pretty good effort at scaring kids into doing something to prevent climate change.

    But it’s OK, I went to the Greenpeace site and posted “not to worry, Santa doesn’t even exist. It’s your mum and dad”

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Riiight, a Greenpeace homeless bum robs some poor Santa of his shirt and shoes and does a vid. Wonderful. Cunts.

  • motorizer

    army get on youtube and vote it down.

  • franco

    I forget what year it was, but recently, North America was entirely covered in snow down to the Mexican border and almost the whole of Europe was covered in snow also. Using kids as pawns is outrageous, especially when schools have kids making placards which they the parade publicly, doing the clenched fist salute and pushed from behind by their teachers. Teachers have no right to politicize other people’s kids. It is totally unethical and should be banned.