Cry Baby of the Day – Kathryn Trotter


Cry-baby Kathryn Trotter

It seems to be the season for cry babies.

This the Herald on Sunday’s take on holiday surcharges.

Holidaymakers needing urgent medication over the holiday period are being stung by pharmacy surcharges.

Kathryn Trotter was surprised when Waihi Beach Chemist charged an extra $10 for a prescription on Boxing Day.

Trotter’s eight-year-old son Alex required antibiotics for an infection on his legs.

Pharmacies, like other private businesses, are allowed to add a surcharge for services after hours or on public holidays. It is common at many restaurants and bars, who say it covers the increased cost of paying staff holiday rates.

Trotter said she had no problem with public holiday surcharges on coffee, but they shouldn’t be extended to prescriptions.?

“I wonder how many people would go without a script for two days and just say ‘I won’t take my medication today’,” she said.

What a cry-baby. She got the medicine but for some reason expected it to be free of any costs associated with being a public holiday? She’s on holiday and moaning about the service someone not on holiday gave…what a minger.

Maybe the pharmacist should?just send him/herself and staff on holiday too. Then Ms Trotter would?have had to drive all the way to wherever she could find a pharmacy that
was 1. open, 2. didn’t surcharge while hoping to use less than $10 of?petrol.

Stung? I don’t think so. How about grateful?

Perhaps she should have taken the advice of one of her favourite Pins on Pinterest.


It would also appear from LinkedIn and Facebook that she is either a former nurse or current nurse working for the?Waikato District Health Board. She even posted her nursing qualification on Facebook.

Wouldn’t it be good one day of the journalists writing these sad-face stories would do a quick background check of the whingers and bludgers they are writing about?