Dodgy rooting ratbag, his credit cards , brothels and hookers

What is it with rooting ratbag politicians and denial of the obvious?

It took 10 months for Craig Thomson?s alleged offending to be detailed in court, but it was racy when it arrived.

Turbocharged even.

n opening the case against the former federal MP in Melbourne Magistrates Court, prosecutor Lesley Taylor, SC, told magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg she would give him a ??flavour?? of what to expect in the summary trial.

That ??flavour?? came in the saucy details of the alleged misuse of Health Services Union credit cards on escort agencies, sex workers and pornographic movies in hotel rooms while on work trips.

There were sex workers Tracie and Alina.?

Mr Thomson?s alleged alias of ??Jeff Thomson?? when paying for sex.

Escort agencies Young Blondes, Misbehaving, Double Your Luck, Two?s Company and Tiffany?s Girls, which had its own ??red turbo spa room??, which Mr Thomson allegedly visited in June 2005, during a visit to Sydney to attend an ALP conference.

??I?m certainly getting the flavour,?? Mr Rozencwajg said at one point.

Mr Thomson, 49, is accused of using HSU credit cards and a Flight Centre account to accrue more than $28,000 of personal expenses during his time as the union?s national secretary from October 2002 to December 2007.

He has pleaded not guilty to 145 fraud and theft charges, after 79 were dismissed on Tuesday.

Ms Taylor said the offending continued to February 2008, three months into Mr Thomson?s term as Labor member for the NSW seat of Dobell, by which stage he was not authorised to use the credit cards.

The prosecutor said Mr Thomson breached HSU rules he himself documented in 2005 by using the union funds ? money contributed ?by union members ? for ?escort services, movies, food and drink, car hire, parking, and flights and cigarettes for his then wife, Christa.

He repeatedly directed HSU accounts staff to list the spending under various guises of union-related expenses, the court heard.