An email from a reader thanking Len Brown

Len Brown

A reader emails:

Dear Cameron

I’m coming to the view that we may actually owe a debt of gratitude to Len Brown.

Yes, really.

Before this whole saga unfolded, I had no idea that the supercity legislation vested so much unsupervised, unchecked power in the office of the Mayor.?

Whilst I applaud the intent behind the legislation — to cut through the pettifoggery of partisan politicking that constitutes decision-making in local government — the reality is, as?Baron John Emerich Edward Dalber Acton?noted in 1887, that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Concentrating so much power in the hands of a single individual is simply inviting a tsunami of trouble.

And that’s why we should be grateful to Mayor Brown. Instead of taking this absolute power and wielding it in Sauronesque fashion, constructing edifices of evil that could not easily be undone, Mr Brown has used it (allegedly) for?liaisons path?tique?and to ease his nocturnal naughties with free or upgraded accommodation. It is a glorious?failure of imagination, to write so little on such an expansive?blank canvas.

So let us be grateful for the failures of this fellow, and encourage the briefly-emboldened Auckland councillors to move as speedily as indolent haste will allow and circumscribe the powers of the position while the moment is upon us.