Face of the day

At 103, most people would be past gambling and getting a tattoo.

But that’s exactly how Seattle grandmother Evelyn Kottman celebrated her recent birthday.

The adorable centenarian, dubbed a ‘Bad Ass Mother Figure’ by Reddit, and her grandson marked the special occasion by going to a casino, having an all-you-can-eat crab dinner, and getting her first tattoo – a love heart.
At age 9, she stole a Model T with her six-year-old brother because they wanted a joyride and five years later she was a teacher at a one-room schoolhouse.

The Johnnie Walker fan has lived through both World Wars, the moon landing, and 9/11 and said she gained a ‘devilish sense of adventure’ after her husband died.
That is something she proved it two years ago when she appeared on the cover of Seattle Week magazine posing as a geriatric pot-smoking driver.

The amusing photograph, conceived and taken by Evelyn’s grandson’s friend Michael Clinard, illustrated a story about whether stoned drivers should be treated like drunk drivers.

She has also appeared in scores of Facebook photos ‘hitting bottles of whiskey and brandishing firearms for the camera,’ Clinard explained on his website.
Though she also enjoyed bottling of a different kind – pickles.

And posed for a more refined, age-appropriate portrait with her collection of non-perishable treats.

But she was back to her ‘Bad Ass’ ways for her birthday, deciding to step things up by getting inked, and she posed for a photo with her tattoo artist and a big grin. – Mail Online