First Gareth, now Wendyl wants to kill your cats


My correspondent from yesterday writes about Wendyl Nissen’s wish to kill cats with natural flea treatment.

Dear Cam,

Further to my email yesterday I noticed that Wendyl has now changed her chocolate pudding in her Herald column so instead of 2 cups of sugar, it only has 1.5 cups… could be mere coincidence of course since it was pointed out yesterday.   But it was definitely two cups originally as I remember double checking all my calculations.

Anyway… I have come across yet another gem of wisdom from the Green Goddess which I thought you would also appreciate.   Unfortunately the family cat won’t appreciate her advice while its being poisoned to death by her “all-natural treatment 

“Summer is here and so are the fleas. You can reduce the incidence of fleas on your cats by combing them daily with a flea comb and feeding them my anit-flea powder. I believe that if you combine these two all-natural treatments you will greatly reduce the chance of fleas taking hold and you won’t need to pour chemicals on your pets.”   

100 g Brewer’s Yeast
30g garlic powder (not garlic salt!)
1 Tbs bran
1 Tbs wheatgerm

Whizz together in a food processor and feed 1 tsp per day per cat. I just throw about half a cup in with a box of biscuits and give it a good shake up.

Type “garlic and cats” into Google and take your pick of the endless pages of search results that warn against feeding your cat (or dog) garlic.   Garlic contains disulfides and thiosulfates which in turn causes haemolytic anaemia especially in cats, which means that red blood cells are burst open and destroyed.

Even pet insurance websites warn against garlic and suggest calling a pet poisoning hotline should your moggie or doggie eat even a small amount.

“as little as one clove of garlic can lead to toxicity in dogs and cats.”

Once Gareth Morgan finds out he will be investing millions to get this product to market in the New Year and providing it free of charge to SPCA branches nationwide.


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  • Lion_ess

    Why does this shamelessly stupid woman go on with this dribble – hear her on Mike Hoskings show occasionally with her whiney voice making a noise, yet saying nothing of interest. Is she a sympathy ring-in or something?

    • Kimbo

      What makes her more obnoxious is that her previous career as an editor of a women’s mag meant she was nothing more than a trouble-making gossip merchant, profiting at the expense of other people’s misery – no better than a drug dealer, porn merchant, or pawn shop owner IMHO.

      A thoroughly nasty piece of work…

      • LionKing

        And ignorant of the facts as well. To top it all off, she backs the Green Taliban as well.

        • Kimbo

          Yes, so to summarise:

          a self-serving, misanthropic, ignorant blowhard.

          Yep a typical Greenie

      • unitedtribes

        I thought we were all trouble making gossip merchants

    • WABloke

      She’s a fuckwit.

  • Hollyfield

    Something that always bemuses me is the focus on “natural”. Natural products can be toxic – eg poisonous plants
    While non-natural products can be harmless.

    • notjaffa

      The black plague was 100% natural.

      • Kopua Cowboy

        So is arsenic.

        • notjaffa

          and of course “natural selection” is, well, pretty natural

    • TomTom

      The stuff they use as pesticide and so on for organic food is an example – you have to use far more of the “natural” pesticide (which are of course poisonous) than the “chemical” ones that have been in use for decades.

      • unitedtribes

        No! Copper can’t be poisons or a heavy metal could it?

  • Rodger T

    Good luck trying to force feed your cat garlic, post pics of your shredded forearms and hands when you`re done,it`ll be good for a laugh.

    • Cowgirl

      Lol my sentiments exactly. All my cats would just take one whiff of their food and turn their noses up at it.

      • Rodger T

        My cat goes ballistic when I put the flea and worm stuff on the back of its neck and I `ve only tried to give it a worm tablet once,it holds a grudge.

    • motorizer

      Make sure you put on your thickest gardening gloves, dears!

  • caochladh
  • LionKing

    Really makes you wonder what Wendyl has over the editor of the Herald for allowing this mad and clearly misleading woman continue to have a column in the paper. She has consistently got things wrong and doesn’t bother fact-checking.

    Then again, the Herald is not known for getting its facts right… trained and decent journalists that is.

    • Col

      Just makes the editor look good at the Herald.

  • MarcWills

    This type of “medicine” is so typical of those who have no training or consequences when their advice proves defective – in this case, possibly fatal to cats. Maybe she could be liable for the vet’s bills, with the Horrid as co-payer.

    What next, carrot juice and vitamin C for a cancer cure? You can find this on the interweb!

  • Col

    When they are sent to North Korea they can have plain or garlic cat chips now.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      “Let them eat cat”?

    • notjaffa

      careful! Kim Jong Un might decide that they are fat cats, and have them executed

  • steve and monique

    Should not be at all surprised that this cloth eared bint makes a career out of presenting articles with absolutely no substance or research done. Must come from her Woman’s Day time where articles are plucked out of thin air with “sources close to the victim(s)”. It is so obvious that magazine has no credibility and neither does she, It’s a wonder they haven’t been done for slander before now, maybe one day they will and it will send them broke…here;s hoping! It’s reassuring to know that here is NZ, even if you are a talentless hack, you can still get by

  • timemagazine

    All the problems facing NZ have been solved and now it’s just cats.

  • Dan

    She is one half step above Wallace Chapman on the soaking wet liberal ladder. Can you imagine them both sharing a slot on TV or radio? FFS. People would be jumping off bridges.

  • kehua

    Damn, soon be 2 dead pussies in the house.