First it was Jesus, now he is channelling the Queen

Len Brown really has no shame.

He has gone on 95bFM to moan like a whore who hasn’t been paid about how hard done by he is.

Auckland mayor Len Brown has lamented his ‘annus horribilis’ in an interview this morning and reiterated that his failure to declare hotel freebies was due to ‘a lack of clarity’.

A ‘lack of clarity’…does Len Brown need to be reminded that it was he who brought in the Code Conduct and the register of pecuniary interests? It was his special project and now he claims a ‘lack of clarity’.

To then channel the Queen and clim he has had a terrible year… I mean…who is to blame for that? ?

In an interview on 95bFM this morning he repeated his previous assertion that his failure to declare $39,000 in free hotel rooms and upgrades was due to “a lack of clarity around the policy in terms of gift registry and declaration”.

“Secondly, I just didn’t bring my mind to it clearly enough … if you received an upgrade, or a complimentary [room], if it was over $300, then you should declare it.

“I’ve put my hand up to that and said `hey, you know we could have been much, much clearer and lucid around that and got better instruction and understanding.

“I was also thinking, ‘hey, look this has nothing to do with the council, this has nothing to do with spending ratepayers’ money’.

What a cock. He hasn’t put his hand up to that at all…he fought tooth and nail to have all those details removed from the report. If he can’t think clearly over small matters such as this then what precisely does he think clearly over.

What Len Brown fails to realise is that he has spent a small fortune on hotel rooms when he lives just 20 minutes away from the town hall. In fact h spent more on hotel rooms then some people earn in a year….all in the borders of a city he lives in! On top of that he sought and received upgrades on the basis he was was mayor. It might not have been council money he was spending but it was his position as mayor of Auckland that scored him those upgrades.

I’d be interested to know too the browser history of the mayor’s computer and whether or not featured regularly and whether or not those browsing days matched phone calls tot he hotels immediately afterwards.

“I’m wiser in hindsight, well chastened and I suspect that it’s just not me, there’d be many sitting around the council table who’ll be thinking back on their declarations and wondering, ‘hey, did I declare that upgrade in the aeroplane?’.”

Mr Brown said in reflection it had been “annus horribilis” (a horrible year).

He always says that..I am wiser, I won’t do it again…but he always does. He isn’t chastened at al, he claimed he was exonerated.

Resign Len Brown, before the rest of your lies and mis-truths and all the things that weren’t part of the terms of reference come pouring out.