The future with Chris Hipkins as education minister?

Toby Young blogs The Telegraph about PISA and Wales (note this is a major news media outlet with “bloggers”):

The poor showing of Wales in the Pisa international league tables published earlier this week is a reminder of just what a mess Labour has made of the Welsh education system. In 2006, Welsh schoolchildren were ranked 30th in maths, 29th in reading and 22nd in science. In the latest tests, they fell to 43rd in maths, 41st in reading and 36th in science. Wales isn’t simply the worst performer in the UK, it’s well below the OECD average.

The blame for this pitiful state of affairs can be laid squarely at the feet of the Labour Party, which has been in charge of education in Wales since 1999. The education reforms that successive governments have introduced in other parts of the UK in that time have left Wales largely untouched. League tables were abolished in 2001 and not a single academy or free school has been set up. As the Economist points out in this damning analysis, parental choice in Wales is limited to deciding whether to send a child to a school where lessons are taught in English or Welsh. The country has indulged in what David Reynolds, an educationalist at the University of Southampton, describes as “producerism’s last hurrah”. Hardly surprising, then, that 26 per cent of the Welsh population over 16 have no recognised qualifications, according to the 2011 census

Gee that is the same as what Labour here suggests…removing parental choice by opposing charter schools, opposing national standards and th resulting league tables and cosying up to unions.

Wales isn’t any better in Health either.

But education isn’t the only devolved area that the Welsh National Assembly, which has been Labour-controlled since 2000, has messed up. The Welsh health system is, incredibly, even worse than the Welsh education system. As the Prime Minister pointed out in the House of Commons earlier this year, the Welsh NHS hasn’t met a cancer target since 2008 or an A&E target since 2009. (FactCheck confirmed the first of these claims here.) The picture is no better when it comes to waiting lists. Between March and September of this year, the number of patients waiting more than nine months for treatment in Wales more than doubled, increasing from 5,414 to 11,672. The Welsh Ambulance Service has failed to hit its target of responding to 65 per cent of the most urgent calls within eight minutes for the past 16 months.

Unsurprisingly the civil service is the only growth area in the Welsh economy.

The only areas in which the Welsh pay their population share of taxes are in cider, beer and tobacco taxes. While the Welsh economy is growing, it’s projected to grow more slowly than any other region in the UK, according to this report.

That could be because 25.7 per cent of all people employed in Wales work in the public sector, the second highest proportion of any region in the UK. To put this in perspective, 16.9 per cent are employed in the public sector in the South East, 16.7 per cent in the East and 16.9 per cent in London. The GDP per capita in Wales is below the OECD average (though not as below average as its Pisa ranking) and its productivity is lower than in any other country in the UK.

This too can be yours by supporting a Green/Labour government.


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  • Hipkins, Labia’s ‘Little Boy Lost’, is spinning the line that the decline in teaching outcomes (most under Labour’s watch) is because National are forcing teachers to spend too much time filling out forms instead of teaching.
    FFS. What a crock – even from him. He can’t possibly be that stupid, can he? (Don’t all shout at once!)

    • blokeintakapuna

      He can be that stupid and is.
      Most likely he either had 2 x cocks as a teenager or no toys as a kid, because surely he couldn’t get that friggin’ stupid only playing with one?

  • thor42

    Wow…… that is a SICK place economically.

    I agree – looking at how poorly Wales has performed gives us a perfect view of what is in store for us if Labour wins next year (perish the thought).

  • Cowgirl

    How to feel better about our own placing in one easy step

  • It is rather interesting / telling that the total employed in the Public Sector is mainly in the NHS (85,000) and Education (82,000) where the major failings seem to be. With a further (72,000) in Admin positions.

    And here is the obvious reason for the failure across the board.
    “26 per cent of the Welsh population over 16 have no recognised qualifications,”

    Dumb down the population and you will get chaos !!

    • Muffin

      chaos yes, but also a whole bunch of stupid, public sector, labour voters………. just what the commies want

      • agreed ,,, the dumber they are the easier led they be,

  • S P

    My job has now taken me out of dealing with mainstream business into dealing with teachers / principals.
    I am constantly stunned at the lack of professionalism and absolute lack of basic business understanding / courtesy shown by anyone in the academic sector.
    They always adopt this wholier than thou attitude with no regard to anything other than protecting their own a..hole.
    They really do exist in a bubble and believe that only their point of view is even worth entertaining.
    it honestly takes me 10 times longer to achieve anything with them as opposed to the private sector.
    I will scream if one more teacher / principle says to me ” oh, i didn’t receive your email as my email must have been down ……

    Funny how this email problem they seem to always have doesn’t exist in the business / real world.
    Can you sense my frustration…… and the really scary thing is that these people are teaching my kids !!!!

    • thor42

      Your frustration comes through loud and clear here (and I share it).

      This is why Labour and the Greens are fighting absolutely tooth-and-nail in the education sector, whether it be against charter schools, against performance assessment for teachers – everything.

      They know damned well that if the Left’s stranglehold on teachers’ colleges, schools and universities is broken, then the Left is doomed.

      I only wish that the Nats had someone *much* stronger than Hopeless Hekia in the education portfolio. (Sigh……) – if only Crusher Collins were the minister.

      • S P

        Thank you, they almost had me believing that ” I ” was the problem…..

        • thor42

          Hah…. that is definitely *not* the case!