How is that global warming feeling going then?

We hear constant static from the global warming freaks about how the earth is warming catastrophically, despite clear evidence that it has been much, much warmer previously…or how the polar caps will be gone..they are still there, and expanding.

They’ve told so many lies and misrepresented events so many times that their claims should be laughed off the air.

Now we hear there has been a new temperature record broken…no not a highest temperature, rather the coldest temperature ever recorded supposedly in a catastrophically warming planet.

Newly analysed Nasa satellite data from east Antarctica shows Earth has set a new record for coldest temperature ever recorded: -94.7C (-135.8F).

It happened in August 2010 when it hit -94.7C (-135.8F). Then on 31 July of this year, it came close again: -92.9C (-135.3F). 

The old record had been -89.2C (-128.6F).

Ice scientist Ted Scambos at the National Snow and Ice Data Centre announced the cold facts at the American Geophysical Union scientific meeting in San Francisco on Monday.

“It’s more like you’d see on Mars on a nice summer day in the poles,” said Scambos. “I’m confident that these pockets are the coldest places on Earth.”

Riiight, so if the worst case scenario of global warming, an increase in temperature of 2.9C  comes to fruition…let’s see…that would make Antarctica a balmy -92.5C. Water of course freezes at 0C…so the chances of the polar icecap in Antarctica melting anytime soon is at best remote and more likely impossible.


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  • tarkwin

    Similar temperature was recorded at my place the other night when I staggered home from the pub about three hours late. Fortunately, I made some money on the horses. This saved me from shattering the old record completely.

  • ex-JAFA

    Has the temperature been measured in Len’s house in the last two months? I daresay it’s even colder than tarkwin risked.

    • DLNZ

      Hoar frost? :P

      • ex-JAFA

        An actual LOL. I’m not in charge of doling out the Internet prizes, but I suggest a thousand Internets to you.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Unfortunately for all of us , the climate pendulum is swinging both ways .

    “The death toll is mounting and thousands have been hospitalized as an exceptional heat wave topples all-time temperature records in Japan.

    According to data from Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency, 17 people died and 9,815 people were transported to hospitals due to heat-related illness during the week of Aug. 5-11 as the record heat expanded into Japan. Of those hospitalizations, 5,140 occurred over the weekend of Aug. 10-11 alone.

    A new all-time national record high was reached Sunday at the Ekawasaki weather observation station in Shimanto city, Kochi Prefecture, on the southwestern Japanese island of Shikoku. The temperature there surged to 41.0ºC (105.8ºF) at 1:42 p.m. local time, breaking country’s previous record of 40.9ºC (105.6ºF) set at Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture (near Tokyo) and at Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture in central Japan, both on Aug. 16, 2007.”

    August 11 , 2013

    • Other_Andy

      That’s interesting as the Ekawasaki weather station lists temperatures between 7-10 C for December 11.

      • Ronnie Chow

        I know , and it was only 6 degrees in Wellington . How does weather do that ?

    • PsychoKea

      Thing is these extreme events have always occurred, but now the resolution of measurement is much greater than in the past so suddenly they become the worst ever , just an ever so slight bit of measurement bias

      • Gordon Gibson

        Psyco I thought you were going to say: ‘Thing is these extreme events have always occurred, but now there is one section of the population has figured out how to use mostly bogus information to (try to) beat the remainder of the population over the head with and to (try) to make them feel guilty and to (try) to extort money out of that remainder.

        • PsychoKea

          That to, interesting how anyone who questions the pseudo science of climate change modeling is branded a “climate change denier” when I thought the entire basis of good science was to question when the hypothesis is not reflected in the experimental condition/observation, blind adherence to a concept that is not supported by the facts is not science it is faith , same as believing in sky fairies.

  • VoiceofReason

    You need to go back to school and study some basic science because you have just managed to over simplify the process.

    • PsychoKea

      No that is what the climate models try to do

  • Other_Andy

    From what I’ve read, this record might not stand as it was measured by RSS.
    Still, it seems to be getting colder.
    Record sea ice in the Antarctic.
    Sea ice in the Arctic recovering.
    No warming in the Arctic in the last 10 years.
    Total sea ice is the highest in 25 years.
    Nearly 1,400 records cold records broken last week in the US alone.
    Average Global temperatures at a standstill for around 15-17 years depending on the dataset.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Andy, that can’t be right, ‘cos all those nice (well-paid) UN scientists say it’s getting warmer. And, they keep getting money to prove it (fail!)

      • ex-JAFA

        The more I hear about this UN outfit, the more I’m convinced we should leave it. It was supposed to stop nations going to war, but they haven’t been overly successful in that department. Everything else they do seems to be nanny überstatism and lefty agenda-pushing. Separate trade organisations and defence partnerships look after our interests that the UN ought to serve.

  • JohnO

    Global warming has been accurately measured by satellite measurements of average atmospheric temperatures since 1979. The graph shows a temperature increase of 0.4 degrees Celsius between 1979 and 2001 and virtually no change from 2001 to 2013.
    The Dataset is produced by NASA and is graphed by Dr Roy Spencer at his website Roy Spencer says there is no proof that this 20 year increase in global temperature was caused by humans and it is probably due to normal variability of the planets complex weather system.
    Just as greenhouse owners increase the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere of their greenhouses to get an increase in plant growth, the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere caused by human industry has been calculated to have caused a 3 Trillion dollar increase in worldwide agricultural production since 1960.This increase in agricultural production will be further increased in the years to come.
    A gradual and mild increase in temperature for the planet such as we have had over the last 30 years is a good thing as is the mild CO2 increase.
    The computer calculations of predicted atmospheric temperatures are all so hugely different from the actual measured atmospheric temperatures as to have zero use and zero validity in predicting future temperatures. As an investor in forestry and in Southland dairying I am appreciative of both the increase in tree-growth and the increased productivity of new dairying areas in the deep south.

    • Gordon Gibson

      I recently read about this Japanese scientist who did an experiment where he adjusted the atmosphere inside a glasshouse to be more what (HE BELIEVED) to be more like the pre-Biblical Flood type atmosphere, i.e. (according to his calculations) much higher CO2 than today.
      The tomatoes he planted grew 30 feet high.

      • JohnO

        I grew a “super tom” grafted tomato once which needed 10 stakes to hold up all the branches and the fruit. You could just about watch the thing grow it was so vigourous. 10 normal plants are better than 1 huge 10x plant

    • John

      Sorry JohnO, won’t wash, you don’t actually believe a few miserable facts are going to overturn the “theory”?

      • JohnO

        33 years of satellite measurements do not tell us for sure that mankind is not warming up the planet but the plateau in temperatures over the last 10 years while co2 is still rising could be a hint.
        It is because no one knows for sure, that the global warming alarmists can get away with their plausible theory of mankind warming the planet.
        The complex truth of “we dont know yet” gets swamped by the easy lie of “evil industry frying the planet”

  • Gordon Gibson

    -94.7C, That would freeze the nuts off a Jeep right there.

  • cows4me

    Actually the dropping temperature is probably a bad thing. We will have the Marxist criminals in the UN saying, “look all the money put forward to study and prevent AGW is working and if we have heaps more we can really bring the temperature down”.

    • ex-JAFA

      See my reply to Whanga above.

  • it got so cold down there because all the hot air issuing from Alarmists caused a jet stream forcing the warmer air over the Antarctic north.

    I think that’s more plausible than Man Made Global Warming .. LOL