Goat and his Jetboat

No one does jetboats like Kiwis…we invented them after all.

The world’s biggest jetboat is the South African Valour Class frigates.


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  • thor42


  • I’m trying to pick where it is, but it can’t be a part of the country I’ve been often enough to peg it – can anyone else?

    • Col

      Be the west coast of the south Is but also did look like the Dart river with the bridge, but sure is the SI. I had the pleasure of a friend Ralph Brown and we had one similar boat about the same size, just took 2 people and we could go anywhere back in 1990, the good thing you could push it if you got stuck. Ralph was a great driver and competed in many World Jet Boat Marathons, past away after winning the WJB marathon 1995.

  • DrCP

    It’s a mash up of different rivers – I can see the Cascade, Lake Ellery and parts of the Dart or Kawarau in there.

    And Goat’s old boat is for sale here:http://www.trademe.co.nz/667982923

    He’s a bloody legend

    • Col

      Yes I think you are right.

  • GregM

    A bit of the Clutha river, just upstream from Cattle Flat was in there. awesome country.