Good, I hope it is bland tasting too

Don’t get locked up today or over the holiday period…it won’t be fun.

The Herald reports:

Offenders who get locked up for Christmas can forget about a special meal from the cops on the big day.

Anyone detained by police gets a basic meal three times a day, every day of the year with the same meals rolled out on Christmas Day as on any other day.

While meals differ from station to station, the quality is much the same.?

People who find themselves locked up in Rotorua should be vaguely thankful. Aside from the obvious downside of being locked in a cell, the menu there is a notch above the average.

In the Central North Island district, food brought in by detainees’ families is also accepted.

National police policy dictates detainees must be fed “adequate meals”, according to Assistant Commissioner Mike Rusbatch.

“As a general rule, a prisoner must be supplied with a meal if they are in custody at a normal meal time.

Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying copious quantities of various meats.