Former Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats

The Green party really needs to take ownership of Max Dillon Coyle’s continuous rants and tirades in social media. We have busted Max Dillon Coyle before for misleading the media…plus other indiscretions.

The Greens try to portray that they are reasonable nad ready for government. But it’s pretty obvious that Nasty Russel Norman’s influence in the Green Party is having a strong effect over the psyche of the Green Party members. No wonder David Hay is challenging him for the leadership.

In a thread on resident NZ First nut-job Curwen Rolinson’s Facebook page, Green Party candidate?Max Dillion Coyle?suggests that a few Young Nats girls should be “first up against the wall when the revolution comes”. ?

But also have a look at the calls for anal rape by others.



There are plenty more misogynistic and violent comments from these Green and NZ First supporters.

I’m not sure AP would be keen to see one of their sales people advocating killing 3 young women for simply supporting an opposing political party.