The Green Party Data scammers: Look at their Guidelines

Via the Tipline

An interesting post scanned and captured from an over-excited contributor to the [Standard made] earlier.  Is this what the Greens plan to do with information stolen from their petition harvesting?


The Green Party hid behind the old fools in Grey Power for the Assets petition, then sent out paid touts on taxpayers’ money to scoop up data. Like Greenpeace, they love a petition. Do you think it is only because they are wound up about this issue? No, it is because they want to capture your personal details to create a data base.  

Look at what is important in their Guidelines to the taxpayer funded bullies who fronted the bewildered outside supermarkets. “Email is best” It isn’t needed for the petition, but it sure is needed for their begging and bludgeoning email campaigns:


Personally I think it hilarious that all the do-gooder dusties and crusties are going to get marketed to death by the Green Taliban next year. Serves them right.

Interesting strategy to have them vote before election day.  I wonder if the Greens plant to go negative in the last few weeks?


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  • Ben

    I always give false details for any petition as a matter of principle.

  • Dick Brown

    ‘Report as Spam?’

    – yes


    • Dick Brown

      ‘Enter email address here’

      [email protected]

      • Cadwallader

        Yes! Add it to your “Frack Record.”

  • MarcWills

    Are there rules about making early votes? There must be criteria to meet, otherwise not much point in having a polling day is there. A lot can happen in the last week of an election campaign too, like announcing the intention of making a new law making Wussel el Presidente – just sayin’.

  • rockape

    I guess Mr B Hairy, M mouse, and F Witt will be getting a lot of junk emails then!

  • rockape

    Usually you can vote early if you cant vote on polling day. three reasons are; campaign worker,medical appointment or religious reasons and thats it.

    • Nechtan

      Or you live in the sticks (like me).

    • rouppe

      Or you know you’re going to be unable to reach a polling booth. For example if you are travelling overseas. So I think pretty much anyone can vote early, the reason given is not checked AFAIK

  • Eiselmann

    How secure is that database , who has access to it, if the hypocrites supporting the Greens aren’t at the very least asking those questions then they deserve every thing they get when some green do-gooder with access to that info gives it to their favourite weekly causes.

  • peterwn

    They are scared stiff ‘their’ prospective voters will change their minds when they see David Cunliffe’s and Russell Norman’s arses being dragged all over the studio floor by J
    John Key in the Leaders’ debate’. I can imagine:
    David – we will make Citizens’ Initiated Referenda binding.
    John – including tax increases?
    David – we did not quite mean that

  • caochladh

    It is ironic that they hold up Assange and Snowden as hero’s, yet if their secret’s were laid bare for one and all to see, their party would be over.

  • Ururoa

    Call to all hackers; get that database and start posting it online and make the Greens cough up for lack of security.

  • Reid

    If they use those email addresses they so assiduously gathered then they’re guilty of spaming and you can make a complaint to the DIA if they send “an unsolicited commercial electronic message.”

    And it’s going to be difficult to argue a political message isn’t commercial.


    • I’m thinking that as they didn’t get approval to use the email addresses in any follow up marketing they need a short sharp reminder from the Privacy Commissioner that the use of those details may well constitute an offence. It seems reasonable to me that the Commissioner would give consideration. Anyone care to draft a letter?

  • Ryan

    If i get any emails from the Green Party they’ll go straight to the Trash Tab of my Gmail Account and get promptly deleted forever.

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