Green taliban eco-terrorists may be home but their boat isn’t

The two Kiwi Green Taliban eco-terrorists are home now after being generously freed from a Russian jail in a Christmas amnesty.

The Herald reports.

Two New Zealanders who spent two months in a Russian prison following a protest at an Arctic oil platform have returned home.

David Haussmann and Jonathan Beauchamp would spend their first days home relaxing with their families, Greenpeace NZ executive director Bunny McDiarmid said.

The pair were among 30 people arrested and charged with hooliganism following the protest at a Gazprom-operated oil platform.

The group had charges against them dropped and exit visas granted as part of an amnesty, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, earlier this month.

“I can’t stop smiling. It’s great that David and Jon are back home,” Ms McDiarmid said.

“They should never have been charged in the first place, and it’s ridiculous that they were locked up for months over a peaceful protest to protect the Arctic.  

They should have been charged, had a trial and convicted. They are ratbags thinking that they have a right to attack people and companies going about their lawful business.

At least their boat hasn’t been returned.

Greenpeace says its ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is still being held in Murmansk, Russia.

The organisation wants the vessel back, but did not provide any further details.

Thirty people aboard the icebreaker were taken into custody after an attempt was made to board an oil platform owned by Gazprom in the Arctic on 18 September. The ship was towed to Murmansk by a tug.

All 30 detainees were freed this week after the Russian parliament passed an amnesty on hooliganism on 18 December. Departure visas were issued to them in St Petersburg on Thursday and Friday.

The Arctic Sunrise was built as an icebreaker in 1975 and was chartered by Greenpeace in 1995.


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  • ex-JAFA

    If it wasn’t for the upcoming Olympics, this lot would be working at the icicle farms in Siberia by now. And the rest of us would be quite happy about it.

  • Tom

    Bit of luck someone does a Rainbow warrior on it.

    • AnonWgtn

      No it will be left to rot until the Port Authorities declare a Marine Hazard and take it out and legally sink it.

  • timemagazine

    The Olympic Games have helped them, but rest assured Putin, will not be that generous a second time. I hope it will come to a second time. As of their ship let us all sign a petition and ask Putin to scrap it.

  • cows4me

    Melt the fucking thing down and turn it into drilling pipes.

    • W.Austin

      That is pure magic.

    • Don W

      Great comment cow’s

  • Col

    I heard so Greenie going on this morning on the radio, the only thing I heard her say was ” because of climate warming” so we have a ship stuck in the ice, and northern Europe is having a shit of a winter. These guys are lucky they got away that easy, I don’t think they will try that again. Wonder if the boat will go up for sale. But wait for the PR spin due to come out in the next few days!!!!

  • Don W

    Greenpeace is anti capitalism, anti progress(anti life) anti mining, yet it couldn’t operate without capital,fossil fuels and man made machinery

    • ex-JAFA

      And that’s why we call them hippy-crites.

      • Don W


    • pukakidon

      Where are all the protests about these global warmists Greenies currently stuck in the ice. What happens if this boat sinks and the oil is split in pristine Antarctica. If it had been a whaling or supply ship the Green mad pricks would be up in arms.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    If they think they were in the right, I dare them to go back and do it again and see who is right. It will be Green peace in the right, right back in the shit and deeper than last time. I agree to melt the boat down and turn it into AK 47s for peace.

  • Andy

    There doesn’t appear to be much reflection or humility from the activists. Their response on being released is that “these people need to be stopped”.

    If they do this again, they should lock them up and throw away the key

    • Don W

      If they insist on provoking the Russians they could well disappear without trace

      • WABloke

        We live in hope.

    • Koshka

      I am sure they will not be too keen to go back to a Russian prison, they were treated very well compared to a ordinary russian prisoner. Here is a outline of the rations etc for a northern russian prison:

      Outline of a regime of corrective labour in the north:
      One year of corrective labour
      – cleaning North Polar circle of snow.
      Supply per person – one can of meat (525 g, state reserve), one loaf of Borodinsky (400 G, local bakery), 25 g of tea (Georgian or Indian), 25 g of sugar in pieces or “sand” – per day, one bottle of vodka at Sundays and state holidays (0.5 L, Putinka brand), 250 g of mahorka tobacco, 100 g of toilet soap and 400 g of “household” soap per month.

  • GazzW

    We might need Conway Captain’s input here. Greenpeace don’t own the ship, it’s chartered. What happens in this instance if the Russians rightly decide either to confiscate the ship or sink it? Presumably the charterer get the value of the ship from Greenpeace which is another excellent reason to tell their collectors to fuck off if approached.

    • peterwn

      Wonder if it was a genuine arms length commercial charterparty. If not then it should be treated as Greenpeace owned.

      Just like car rental companies ban use of some roads, surely the owner should forbid certain uses that put the ship at risk.

      • GazzW

        CC is our resident marine expert Peter. CC?

        • Tom

          He’s sleeping off a ham sandwich

          • Roland


        • peterwn

          GregM has answered the question – I should have read his comment before shooting my mouth off.

          • GregM

            Been doing some homework and it gets better peterwn, Greenpeace own Arctic ventures Ltd, who they are then chartering the ship off, to their operations division. So the anti capitalist Greenpeace ( who own several corporates, including AVL ) are using shell companies to avoid and / or minimise tax obligations.
            Typical socialists, do as I say, not as I do. Cunts.

          • pukakidon

            Their Philippine slaves are probably on the dollar a day wage. No ACC levies or proper OSH precautions. With all those crazy maneuvers they do, I am surprised if they could get insurance.

  • Phar Lap

    I keep hoping that the eco terrorists masquerading as” greenpeace activists”carry out an encore and go back to Russia for a repeat performance, on the Russians oil rig.Now that would prove to me if they did,that they really had the strength of their own convictions.Better still maybe that bucket mouth bitch known as” bunny”.also goes with them.

  • conwaycaptain

    If it is CHARTERED then the owners will be taking GP to court for the loss of charter fees and the loss of the vessel.

    • Nechtan

      Lets hope so, if these GP dickheads continue on this path then with any luck companies will refuse to charter them vessels.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Usually they acquire wrecks that are just short of the scrap yards.

        • Nechtan

          In that case they shouldn’t be surprised if they unexpectedly sink then?

  • conwaycaptain

    I hope they have Charterers Liability Insurance

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not sure if Insurance will cover illegal acts.

      Those Green Peace wankers have certainly gotten off lightly. Hopefully the amnesty was based on an admission of guilt and a promise to never come back again.

      Keep the boat as an example of what will happen if they try that sort of shit again.

  • GregM

    I’m pretty sure they own it. If so, the Russians should sell it to defray expenses, and to cover losses by the oil company. I have posted this excerpt from wiki before, just shows what a duplicitous lying pack of cunts greenpeace are.

    ” Greenpeace purchased the ship in 1995. When Greenpeace approached the previous (Norwegian) owners, they said they would not sell the vessel to Greenpeace. Greenpeace responded by forming a “shell company” called Arctic Sunrise Ventures Ltd, to subvert the previous owner’s sale restrictions.”


    • Tom

      Sell it to the japs so they can convert it into a whaler :)

  • TreeCrusher

    What the hell is peaceful about taking gunfire while trying to illegally board another vessel?

  • Michael Vinsen

    Everyone should stop calling them activists. They are terrorists. McDiarmid claims they should never have been arrested in the 1st place after a “peaceful protest”. Typical of the self anointed greenies who claim they know better than everyone else what is good for the planet!

  • DUMstain

    These people should go harass the Iranians, that would be funny. Or better, the North Koreans. You don’t see these types protesting human rights issues, unless it is Israel for occupying its homeland. Oh a fish died, a travesty.

  • baw

    I don’t have much sympathy. Don’t play with the big red dog.

    What were the Russians doing which was so wrong? Gulags?

    Now if they had protested the treatment of people in North Korea, then that would be far better. I could understand that. But then I guess that they don’t really understand.

  • conwaycaptain

    Seems this is mot a normal charter as GP are basically chartering it from GP.
    Hope Putin keeps it.