Greenwald – “Every journalist has an agenda”

Glenn Greenwald, the  journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story talks about journalism and agendas…disproving the lie that many journalists delude themselves with…that they are objective and don;t have agendas.

I have always said the same, and I don’t have a problem with agendas of journalists except when they deny such a thing exists. Why they continue to be cowards and continue to hide their agenda is beyond me…life is a contest of ideas…just be honest about them.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald jabbed at MSNBC on their turf Thursday, accusing the network of shilling for President Barack Obama and the Democrats nearly “24 hours a day.”

Greenwald, who broke the story about the National Security Agency’s levels of surveillance earlier this year with leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, was addressing the claim that he’s “become more of a spokesman” for Snowden. 

Greenwald called the claim “ludicrous.”

“Every journalist has an agenda,” Greenwald told MSNBC anchor Kristen Welker. “We’re on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified, the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn’t mean that the people who appear on MSNBC aren’t journalists, they are.”

Greenwald said “every journalist has a viewpoint” and he is “very clear” that he believes Snowden’s actions to be “admirable and heroic.”

He said the “ultimate test” of a journalist is whether what they publish is reliable and accurate.

That test is the test of public opinion and should not be confused with the law. Greenwald’s politics are not my own but at least he is honest about journalistic agendas.


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  • Flegin

    To be honest Cam I don’t see you as having an agenda, you call out lying hypocritical halfwits. It’s not your fault the left have a virtual monopoly on theses traits. Sure they exist on the right, but tend to be the exception, just as honest principled lefties are also exceptions.

    • Garbageman

      Well said Flegin, when i come to W/O as a rule i know what to expect (although Cam & Team surprise at times ) not only wide ranging intelligent witty conversations & storys but also the right to agree or disagree without our posts being moderated just because not all our opinions match, some days i can almost imagine Cam doing a Lenny B face palm looking at the comments section But at least he gives us that right.

  • Night Stick
    Daniel did a sterling job with the Pentagon Papers, but boy he sure dwells in the past which is probably why he gives Obama a less than bumpy ride. What Obama has managed to mis-achieve would make Nixon look saintly.

  • Reid

    Why they continue to be cowards and continue to hide their agenda is beyond me…life is a contest of ideas…just be honest about them.

    They think their readers/viewers/listeners are idiots and they can’t see straight through their transparent agendas. Trouble is, they way their audience reacts lends credence to that perspective, most of the time. I think there’s a latent political intelligence in the electorate but it only comes to the fore when it’s election time and that’s why you sometimes get intelligent election results which normally surprise the political pundits because they expect people to be political idiots, because they normally are. But this intelligence only surfaces once every three years when people turn their minds to it, most of the rest of the time they’re obsessed with celeb and sport trivia and they can’t be arsed analysing politics because they think it’s “boring.” Quite why they don’t think who in Hollyweird is having a relationship with who, isn’t similarly boring, I have no idea, given the relative impact on their daily life of the two phenomena. But it’s not stupidity, it’s ignorance that most of the electorate displays but the journalists who adopt ideological positions mistake the latter for the former and that’s why they do it, because they think it won’t be noticed.

    The second reason is they can’t come out with it because lies only work if people don’t know its a lie and what the ideological journalists practice, is lying. By emphasising one angle and ignoring the other(s), it’s not spin, it’s lies. Spin is the PR name for it invented by the professional liar industry. It’s a shame the BSA doesn’t have a spin complaint category. If it did, it would be the busiest dept in the whole outfit. And if the liars came out and told the ignorant they were in fact paid liars for x party, it wouldn’t work except amongst the terminally foolish, of whom there are many.

    Which is the third reason. Because there are a significant number of people who are not only ignorant, but stupid as well, but they’re so stupid, they don’t even know they are. They’re called the floaters and these are the people who change govts. These are the people to whom Churchill was referring when he said the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. This is the target audience for the professional liars and the way it works is that over the electoral cycle, the memes setup by the liars gradually gradually slice the elephant seep into the floaters subconscious and so by the time they wake up in their three year cycle, the memes have done their work and they don’t even know they’ve been played like a violin all the while when they were thinking about nothing but celebs and sports. They think of themselves as enlightened, flexible people who vote on the issues but they’re not, they’re profound political morons and this is the target audience that the liars aim at. These are the people who for example are the target for all the derogatory photos of Key that the Herald and Stuff have been publishing since Operation De-Halo Key commenced early in 2011. Images are key to propaganda and there have been hundreds of them all aimed at getting the morons to think subconsciously that perhaps Key isn’t really the nice man that they used to think he was.

    Crap, isn’t it. It’s not the media’s job at all, to do this, is it. But they do, because it works. And it makes them, IMO, not just disreputable, but evil.

    • Macca

      Very interesting – and a somewhat ‘light on’ for me regarding the third point.
      My take has always been that the vast majority of the media are beholden to their own unions who as we know are basically left to hard left. Would love to hear your take on this please?

      • Reid

        Macca IMO, media people think of themselves as ‘thought leaders’ in the same way that management consultants do in that field. The fact that most management consultants aren’t any brighter or more astute in the idea dept than your average experienced and dedicated worker should the management of corporation X care to consult them, is apparently neither here nor there, either to the management or to the management consultants, who seem to hallucinate that a nice suit and fast talking covers all the bases. Same with journalists and their audience.

        Journalists spend their working day analysing politics which is laughable given how useless most of them are at it. However in their own minds they hallucinate they’re simply the best, simply because that’s what they’re paid to do. Therefore, in their own minds, they hallucinate their opinions on it are the most accurate, the most valuable, just simply the best, in every possible way. For if they weren’t, that means they’re useless incompetents at the very thing that earns them a living and no-one is prepared to admit that, least of all to themselves.

        It’s the journalist schools that have let them down. They’ve taught almost all of them that their job isn’t to let their audience decide, but rather, to lay out the conclusion their audience should come to, if their audience were as politically astute as they are, The fact most journalists aren’t politically astute but think they are for above reasons, is why we get what we get.

        • jcpry

          Quite a bit of hallucinogenics going on here aren’t there. A couple of points “most management consultants”.are put in place to clarify and organise the “average experienced and dedicated worker” as they couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag and are often reluctant to change work practices. The best practitioners are often not the best managers and if not managed well – just look at the Liabour Party.
          Journalists despite what you would like to think do not spend their days analysing politics. The vast majority of the news and the effort of journalists is the collection and dissemination of daily goings on the the local, national and international community. Without the media you would have no organised way of keeping knowing what was going on in these communities. Politics is an emotional touch paper and off course you are going to get upset at a perceived bias. I personally like to see the thinking of the left exposed in the helps coalesce the opposition to stupidity. Opinion/bias in the media is older than the printed word. Understand it and accept it for what it is and use it if you can.
          I trust you have been to “journalists schools” given that you are passing judgement on them. From my understanding and this is from my National voting, non-union card carrying, MSM journalist daughter you are spouting what can only be described as crap.

  • timemagazine

    We are all reading/ listen to news outlets/ blogs to feel good and to have our ideas/ philosophies confirmed. It would be sadistic to read a left leaning newspaper when one is full hearted right leaning. This is why we love the whale. And this is why the herald and similar news outlets will slowly slowly die. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Reid

      But this is the point isn’t it. The media pretends it goes both ways, when everyone with a 3-digit IQ knows it doesn’t. When even screaming lefties like Brian Edwards puts up his hand and calls enough, you know it’s gone beyond a mere happenstance. And he did, some months ago, when he called out the “Journalism” schools for producing the execrable graduates we see in our media today.

      They all need to be fired, along with those executives who’ve allowed it to permeate.


  • Jaffa

    I used to think a reporter, fairly, and accurately, reported the facts!
    Then I started reading the Herald.
    How wrong I was!