Hand in your No8 wire and go hide in shame

Matt Stewart reports on a bunch of wet blouse Kiwis living in Australia that have imported the nation’s most insidious rot: ?the victim mentality

A Kiwi rights lobby in Australia is threatening legal action against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp after its papers ran stories painting New Zealanders as dole bludgers and backdoor migrants.

David Faulkner, of the OzKiwi website, said he was appalled by articles that appeared on Saturday in Brisbane’s Courier Mail, the Northern Territory News and other Murdoch-owned mastheads featuring headlines such as “Kiwi layabouts are flooding in”, and “Immigration back door”.

He said the articles played on statistically dubious, racially charged stereotypes of New Zealanders – especially Pacific Islanders and Asians.

“We believe it’s unlawful racial vilification, which breaches the Racial Discrimination Act,” Faulkner said.

“It appears to be little more than a racist beatup based upon deceptively presented and ill-interpreted statistics in order to fabricate a story during the slow Christmas period.”

OzKiwi has drafted a letter of complaint to News Corp, which it has posted on its Facebook page.

It has gathered more than 1000 signatures for a “massive class action” against the media giant, which would be launched if the group did not receive a retraction and apology, Faulkner said.

He accused News Corp of promoting myths of the Kiwi dole bludger and the idea that migrants used New Zealand citizenship as a “backdoor” route into Australia.

Oh shut up already. ?You’re embarrassing yourself and the rest of us. ?

Faulkner said it was dangerous for both countries to have the press pushing the bludger stereotype, along with claims in the Courier Mail that “tens of thousands of South Pacific and Asian migrants are using NZ as a back door to duck Australia’s tough migration controls”.

Another News Corp article said Australia’s “welfare crackdown is forcing jobless Kiwi migrants to sardine into shared houses with friends and extended family on the fringes of major cities”.

“People think you’ve got all these coloured people – not the nice white people – sneaking in through the back door from New Zealand,” Faulkner said.

“Is News Corp only concerned about the possibility of ?backdoor’ migration by non-Europeans? If we keep going this way, we’re heading to further deterioration between the two nations.”

Explaining is losing. ?If there’s something that Ozzies hate more than bludgers, it is entitled bludgers with a victim mentality.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said the Government was aware of the problems faced by some Kiwis living in Australia.

“New Zealanders planning to move to Australia need to make sure they are aware of their rights and entitlements, and make sure they have backup if things don’t go to plan,” McCully said

New Zealanders had the most free access of any foreign citizens to live, work or study in Australia.

“Freedom of movement across the Tasman is a longstanding pillar of the Australia-New Zealand relationship. It benefits both countries, and both governments are committed to retaining this.”

McCully is being way too diplomatic of course. ?Auntie Helen threw us under the bus. ?Kiwis in Australia are not there on an equal footing, and are not entitled to government financial support that is on offer for anyone else. ?Kiwis in Australia are already second class citizens.

But that’s well known, and no problem to anyone with a No8 wire can-do attitude and the backstop of being able to run back to New Zealand if it gets too tough for any that are precious petals.

David Faulkner is a whining little bitch and should go live within walking distance of Work and Income in Tokoroa.