Is homosexuality a kind of “sexual dyslexia”?

Interesting what you can find on the last day of 2013.  Have a look at this:


My first reaction was “eugenics is alive and well”, but then I noticed the Ph.D. bit.  Can this be dismissed, or is this hard scientific data that we simply can’t speak of in public?  

One reader reviews the book

I have received your inquiry if I might write a testimonial for your book Two Human Species Exist. After a day of fuming about the audacity of such a request, I have once again taken up the book this time with a severely critical eye.
To my amazement I have now concluded that the book is a brilliant “must read” for everyone in modern Psychology !
In hindsight this is not surprising since you first came to attention when Sybil Eysenck and Tony Vernon, coeditors of the research journal, Personality and Individual Differences, put their imprimatur on your historic 2010 MRI paper Brain Laterality Advance: Neuroanatomical evidence for Hemisity (Personality and Individual Differences, 49, 34-42).
Now I find, in rereading Two Human Species Exist, which is an expanded treatise on Hemisity, that of all things, “crossed” Brain Hemisity appears to be the long sought for biological explanation of Homosexuality ! After explaining that the left-brained offspring of left-brained parents are particularly prone to a “crossover defect” similar to dyslexia, in utero, in which one fails to develop normal sexual identity. Instead a
“crossed” sexual identity occurs, a sort of “sexual dyslexia”, and that homosexuality is the result” On page 185 you say:

“This is the first mechanism to adequately describe the inherent origin and existence of homosexuality”
(Morton, Two Human Species Exist, p. 185)

I was stunned. No one in 10,000 years of recorded history has ever been able to figure out what homosexuality is… not Sigmund Freud… not even the Vatican has a clue what causes it ! Now we find out that it is a form of “crossed brain lateralization, a sexual dyslexia”

Surely this book is God’s Gift to Colin Craig’s election campaign?

The author says

Recently, it has been found that everyone is either right (R) or left (L) brain oriented person and that these Hemisity “opposites attract” 2/3s of the time. From this it can be seen that there are two human species. In Homo sapiens matripolaris, a right brained female is the family leader and a left brained male gives her support (RF-LM). In the other species, Homo sapiens patripolaris, a right brained male is the family leader and a left brained female gives him support (RM-LF).
There are two cross breed possibilities, each of which produce miswired hybrid ofspring.
If a RM-RF couple cross-breed, their RP hybrid children are dyslexics, their LP children are tran-heterosexuals.  If a LM-LF couple-cross breed, their hybrid childern often are cis- or trans-homosexuals. If certain hybrids themselves cross-breed, their hybrid offspring can be pedophiles or schizophrenics. Thus, all these anomalies are due to incompatible gene pairing resulting in central nervous system crossover failures in the second trimester of pregnancy in hybrids. Thus, there are no dyslexia genes, gay genes, or schizophrenia genes.

One way or the other, explosively controversial.

Moon landing, chemtrails and now a scientific basis for homosexuality.  Knock your socks off Colin.


Source: Amazon


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  • mark14

    great!now paedophiles have an excuse!!!

    • … and we can breed them out of existence …

  • thor42

    Interesting, to put it mildly.

    I remember seeing somewhere (I can’t remember where) a genetic explanation for homosexuality that seemed to make a lot of sense.

    It was alleged that there was an “attracted to males” gene and an “attracted to females” gene. Most of the time, males get the “attracted to females” gene (and vice versa). However, occasionally a male is born with the “attracted to males” gene, creating a gay male.

    That’s how it went.

  • Jaffa

    There is one human species!
    Two sexes, and deviants.
    Get it right!

    • ropteron

      Homosexuality is as a result of Gods’ enemy, satan, the devil or lucifer, whatever he’s called, taking hold of human minds to do everything he can think of to separate people, humanity, from God.

      • opusx

        If god gave us his only son, Who the fuck was gods’ missus? How come we don’t hear nothing ’bout her? Too busy cookin’ and cleanin’ maybe?

        • Custard

          If you ask me, the da Vinci story theory makes more sense to me than the entire bible. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but know that religious hate one thing more than anything else: knowledge.
          Edit: horrible spelling

      • Ben

        I do not know what language it is you are speaking but it sounds like bollocks to me.

  • OrphanIsland

    Hogwash , the numbers don’t add up …

  • justin

    Nah it’s all about choice. Pure and simple.

    • philbest

      I think that for every person with a kink who is “being who they are” and getting in everyone else’s face with it, there will be dozens more who are successfully suppressing exactly the same tendency. It is called “self control” and it is one of the higher aspects of “being”.

  • caochladh

    it maybe over simplistic for some, but in my world there are only two types of peoples – good and bad. I prefer to hang out with the good guys.

    • unitedtribes

      But can your really tell which ones are bad. Remember we are the people our Parents warned us against

      • caochladh


        • unitedtribes

          So am I friend or foe

          • caochladh

            if we ever run into each other, I will know.

  • Dan

    Craig doesn’t hate or even dislike gays and he is in the majority that think they shouldn’t marry or adopt kids so don’t know why he is singled out as a leper. I agree with his thinking.

  • Ben

    I do not even understand the review so I think I we’ll pass on reading the book.

    Question: on the basis of this research which hybrid am I if I am a schizophrenic pedophile homosexual who enjoys cross dressing? I am even more confused than before it would appear!

    • Jaffa

      You would be seriously messed up!

  • unitedtribes

    Just goes to show any one can get a Ph.D

    • Blokeintakapuna

      You can get them in Boganism even…

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    Ph. D
    Piled higher and deeper

  • blairmulholland

    Still doesn’t force anyone to smoke cock…

  • Rick H

    So all these Labia/Greens are in actual fact GE organisms. I’m surprised they aren’t actively trying to wipe themselves out.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Nice bait. I now stand back.
      Spray and walk away