The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle tonight with Greg Boyed and Josie Pagani. Larry did the morning show for Hosking.

We will be discussing:

Christchurch by-election and not so much the result but the fact that Labour appear to run by-elections more successfully than they do general elections. 

The Greens getting rid of the agitator in Auckland. David Hay – put his head up above the parapet and now has been cut off the candidates list. It’s not very democratic green behaviour is it?

And last but not least we’ve got the rankings for the politicians. I do like the commentary for some of the more badly performing pollies. They are quite cutting – but very accurate! 

Listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning.


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  • peterwn

    Labour party has access to a large army of paid union officials for by-elections. If an employer wants to deal with an unionised employee, doing it at election time is a good move since union officials are too busy with the election to spend time what their members pay them to do.

    National can spare one staff member only.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So…a question.

    Why do such proven and blatant liars such a cunliffe, shearer, norman, peters…not rate ZERO, simply on the fact that they have been proven to be liars?

    and an observation


    32 MP’s higher or equal to a score of 5

    25 MP’s less than a score of 5


    15 MP’s higher or equal to a score of 5

    20 MP’s less than a score of 5
    Seems to me that even this very slanted view suggest that on the balance of things, National are competent and Labour aren’t.
    EDIT: add harawira to the list above.

    • johnbronkhorst


  • dilligaf2013

    The ONLY reason Muppet Central got an increased party vote in CHC is because everybody understood it would not change anything.
    Just watch their party vote evaporate at the next general election and then laugh as Cuniliffe lies his way through the explaination

  • Mad Dog

    Demand that they cease from broadcasting advertisments while you are on air, and perhaps I may listen.

    Otherwise, I’ll stick with the “superior” ad-free station (with Mary Wilson as host) which caters for superior folks instead of the usual common dumbfucks who are suckers for advertisers.

    • Night Stick

      But our ‘services are free’.

    • onelaw4all

      If you are talking about Red Radio, you forgot to /sarcasm your post.

    • cows4me

      “which caters for superior folks” and so modest to.

      • Mad Dog

        If you wish to be bombarded with bullshit from advertisers (who are basically liars & con-artists) telling you what to spend your money on, then be my guest and listen to commercial radio stations.

        I don’t even see advertisments on the world-wide-web, because I use a proxy server to filter them out. As advertisers find new formats for advertisements, I continually create new filters to stop them from downloading. In fact, I’ve even managed to block the advertisments accompanying this WhaleOil website from displaying. Clever, eh?

        And I time-shift with television programs to shut-out the ads.

        • cows4me

          I usually don’t have much choice in what I listen to unless I use the net. We receive two FM stations and my tractor radio only gets 3 or 4 clear AM stations most of the time, no big city radio here.

          • Lux

            I could could humm a little, while you sing !!

        • You sir are a bludger listening to a bludgers radio station. Those ads enable me to do what I do…Red Radio is state funded so nice to see you are a statist, wanting the government to control everything you read and hear.

          Do you ever think about what it is you type?

        • I’m sure if you coated your pc in tinfoil it would filter out everything quite sufficiently.

        • Blue Water Coastie

          Faarrkin’ hell…

      • Ronnie Chow