The Huddle at 1740


I am on the Huddle again tonight with Josie Pagani. Tim Dower is sitting in for Larry Williams.

We will be talking about.

So we?ve got Minto moaning about being left out of the delegation to pay their respects to Mandela ? what a cry baby. He?s an embarrassment. ?

Then we?ve got ANOTHER child poverty report which again just moans about people with no money breeding ? then blames everyone else. It would be nice to have an action plan with actual ideas about how to stop the poverty cycle rather than the same old boring people coming up with the same problem blaming everyone else.

And last but not least ? we?re seem to sticking with the whinging theme today ? what the hell is the point in protesting a Christmas bbq? I have no idea what the hell these people want to do except get attention for protesting for the sake of protesting. Rent a Mob certainly seem to have had a busy weekend.