John Banks to retire at next election

My old mate Banksie has announced that he won’t stand again at the next election.

Personally I don’t blame him. The left-wing have worked very hard to get rid of Act as part of their wider strategy to isolate National and have been prepared to use anti-democratic mens to do so. I just wouldn’t be bothered if I was Banksie.

If it were me I’d quit at the end of next week and force a by-election to b held at the end of January. I’d do that for a couple of reasons…one is to make Labour spend even more money on by-elections and second because the toll on the family is just too great. I’d flip the bird and go on my way in life.

The Herald reports:

Act leader John Banks will not seek re-election in the 2014 general election.

The news was posted to the Act website by president John Boscawen soon after 10am this morning.?

The message was posted almost an hour before an 11am press conference with the two men at Parliament.

Mr Boscawen said Mr Banks had decided after 36 years of public service to spend more time on his family and private interests.

The decision comes less than 24 hours after the High Court ordered that Mr Banks must stand trial on allegations of electoral fraud.

He will remain as Epsom MP and Act leader until the election.

Mr Boscawen said the Act board would soon open nominations for candidates to stand at the election.

“We have a number of very talented potential candidates and we expect to name our key candidates, including a new candidate for Epsom, by the time of our annual conference in early March.”

One name I have heard bandied about is Sir Ralph Norris…not sure I’d want to have my personal life picked over if I were him.