Labour will not win the next election

by blokeintakapuna

Labour won?t win the next election because of three things? namely: Their heritage, their ?policies? and the calibre of their coalition partners. But mostly because of the starting point and the trending track their heritage has routed and moulded their modus operandi to.

Sure, back in the early 19 hundreds, there was a very real need for coordinated, mass industrial actions done in solidarity with comrades to fight for basic employment and human rights that were sorely needed back in those days. The unions helped shape employment legislation, creating minimum standards we still enjoy today.

However ? the only way they were able to achieve that was through withholding the brawn until their demands were met. In the early days, these demands were basic, human rights and were very easily justified, needed and certainly improved life for all. And as that tactic worked and worked so well, ambitious union stewards began to realise they could ?invent? any manner of grievance justifying the need to call for everyone to go ?on strike? until those requests were met. Greedy union leaders then turned those requests into angry demands? which has now become the norm. Fortunately though for the business?s being stood-over, that they had the unions to help them with productivity once all the messy industrial action was over. ?

And these tactics were exceptionally successful down the wharfs and rail yards in particular, where the flow of commerce and produce reached a constraining bottleneck and were always susceptible to any delays. The unions knew this, so every Christmas that there wasn?t a Labour government, the wharfies and rail workers would find something to complain and whinge about ? valid or not ? and they?d all go out on strike together, in solidarity, until ransom demands were met ? usually 4-5 weeks out from Christmas. It didn?t matter either that boat loads of Returning Servicemen were waiting to dock once the wharfes had some space. No ? much better to use those Returning Servicemen waiting at anchor in the harbour as pawns and leverage in the political game of one up man ship, as it all piles pressure on the purse string holders to release their grip just a BiT more, so the unions can then help the business with increased productivity through the unions helpful negotiation and intervention in all this messy industrial action.

And the organisers got more sophisticated, emboldened and encouraged with those easy, early successes, eventually forming the Labour Party as the newly ?sophisticated? political off-shoot arm of the Unions.

…And from that adversarial cauldron was borne the narrative framework of Labour?s modus operandi we still see today with Labour Parties the world over.

Labour & the Unions to this day still don?t ?build or own? business?s beyond their own. They rely on adversarial issues and their heritage to fall back on as the ?auto default setting? with their strategies and tactics regarding just about any issue.

It?s much, much easier and considerably cheaper for them to wreck and hate a business, tearing it down or stalling progressive moves via ransom demands, as opposed to building and creating a better alternative or something themselves. NZ has seen plenty of examples of just this type of behaviours since as long we?ve had a Labour Party.

Because Labour still don?t ?build/create? a competing business, practising what they preach, showing up a competitor with ?best practise? employment terms? plus, when coupled and combined with a vacuum of policies from Labour ? all they can reply on as a ?platform? to get media attention, is their ability to ?wreck, hate, tear down, stall? other business?s until their ransom demands have been met, or their shrilling listened to. And only then would the unions allow work to resume, so they can help ?increase productivity?

Today, looking at NZ?s Labour Party and their most recent ?policy announcement? brings us to the L&G ?Power policy? cynically launched on the eve of the MRP IPO. A classic example of hating and wrecking, so instead of building a better, competing alternative ? it?s much easier to try and tear down your competitors work and attempts at progressing, cutting that tall poppy off at the knees, so as to not make yourself look inept by comparison.

The timing of L&G?s ?Power policy? was so cynical and deliberate and the ?alternative? so bereft of credibility ? NZ still hasn?t seen any details on how they came to the exacting amounts of between $220-330 in household savings per year. Where are those detailed costings and the full policy? Did they evaporate with the last Labour ?leader??

On any given day, the MSM are chocka full of stories of Anti-this, Anti-that, Anti-everything, spoon-fed to them by helpful friends in the unions and Labour Party? and all because of the auto-default setting narrative that has become so ingrained, it?s a constant part of the back-ground white noise that isn?t even noticed any more. Factor in a philosophically aligned MSM always looking for juicier ?Gossip/stories/crisis? to sensationalise a story with faster-selling headlines and it?s very easy to see why Labour and the MSM have become the monkey-organ grinder two ring circus working together to invent ? highlight ? then ?fix? the issue.

The lack of Labour?s current policies attest to this. Even Labour?s ?Freshest? newest policy lacks even a framework for public consideration ? let alone detailed analysis.
So why are there no calls from the MSM for details on this ?policy??

Does anyone else see their continued pattern of tactics? Only the industries change and the topic of ?dispute? – otherwise it?s a case of rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat? and with cargo rotting on the docks, Christmas a few weeks away ? stand over tactics and ?legalised union extortion? through employment legislation, it all works a treat ? for the unions. Not so much for the business, the union members or the public ? but the unions flourish. Especially with a helpful, sympathetic MSM too.

So, for decades the unions ?business model? hasn?t needed to change. The MSM never critically question motives, tactics or justification ? as angry picket lines and hungry families, make for fast-selling newspapers? and very conveniently delivers the Editors into a ?King Maker? position of power too in complicit political/media circles. This relationship will get so cosy, that one day they?ll actively exclude journalists that lean to the political Right from entering the representative Industry body ?The Press Council? ?and so cosy, that even with them being a self-regulating, self-policing industry body ? they?ll still be able to publicly exclude other journalists done in broad daylight too. Ironically, The Press Council illegally blocks free speech with their active discrimination based on an individuals beliefs. Worse, that they?re enabled to do so, by apathetic authorities not intervening.

However – therein lies Labour?s main troubles ? their heritage and pedigree. They?re so used to wrecking and hating, controlling the narrative, bringing the tall poppy down to their size, that they haven?t had the need to develop alternative options for any critical considerations? until social media regained the narrative, removing the MSM?s exclusive ability to control, set and disseminate the message and narrative. That all changed for the MSM with the invention of the internet? and the ascension of thought-leading, independent journalists of New Media who now supersede the tired, stale Old Media model that is fast sinking and even faster becoming irrelevant.

And that will be the political Left?s downfall with the NZ public in 2014. No longer do they ?control? the narrative, the tone, the angle or the message. Coupled with a lack of anything positive, any credible policies, and credible, trust-worthy leaders and representatives ? that will all combine to ensure they will once again be the bridesmaid and not the bride come election time.

So that?s Labour?s ?value proposition? to voters ? largely unchanged since they began. The only variable that changes with Labour are their ?leader? every 18 month?s or so, when the polls keep resisting the narrative the MSM plays for them.

Factor their modus operandi with a lack of viable, credible, fully-costed policies for public analysis? coupled with the calibre of their likely coalition partners they will need to form a coalition Government and it?s easy to see why National just need to keep a steady hand on the tiller to win the next election.

Watching the coalition Taniwha morph into a 3, 4 or 5-headed Taniwha with excessive cannibalistic tendencies, sniping at each other, just trying to survive? will only give the voters some very ?interesting? events between coalition partners to witness and evaluate.

And this is where it will get very, very interesting as the election draws nearer.

L&G will paint us a picture of symbiotic solidarity – comrades working together in harmony to defeat the evil business Barons who subjugate the poor down trodden workers to a continuous life of misery because of their greed. Yet, what NZ will actually see demonstrated is a multi-headed, parasitic beast hell bent on patch protection fighting continuous internal AND external factional fights, whilst trying to appear ?credible? to the public, enough so as to be relied on as capable of being NZ?s representatives in Parliament.

Factor other ?known unknowns? into the equation like Green Party leadership challenges, another Labour leadership spill, Maori Party leadership spill, Maori party re-marrying with Mana Party, stale re-treaded, retread MP?s long past their Best Before date sill insisting on hanging-on, plus a current ?leader? whose ?dead cat bounce? in the preferred PM polls continues to slide in popularity ? and it?s easy to see how hopelessly conflicted and what a busted-flush Labour and the Left actually are.

Then ? contrast all of that, with all this horribly inconvenient good news about unemployment being down, productivity up, GDP and growth improving and out-pacing most in the OECD, no manufacturing ?crisis? at all, returns to surplus, NZ out performing Aussie (Where L&G have just been given the arse card and dropped kicked to Indonesia!) and all this positive news for NZ, is like a slow death by 1000 cuts for Labour ? just like the corrupt Labour Mayor in Auckland is experiencing ? as it will also be for those that ride on Labour?s coattails hoping for a symbiotic/parasitic ticket into Parliament.

And yet, they could so easily reverse their impending doom. All they need to do is present to NZ fully-costed, credible policies? And credible ?leaders and Electoral representatives? to deliver on those same policies. Simple really?. But no where near as simple as cutting down a taller poppy with anti-ness. Because wrecking and hating also allows one to generate sanctimonious faux outrage on a topic, thereby creating a platform to shrill upon? and more headlines for the MSM to write about also.

Too bad for the political Left that whilst they?re on a war footing, with the train leaving the station? that they actually missed the bus entirely! Too bad perceptions matter too.