Who are Labour’s up and coming candidates?

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Want to know who Labour’s up and coming candidates are?

No problem just ask the Whale.

The Labour candidate’s college is being held at the Hutt Theatre in Epuni.

Here is the list of attendees…I’ve redacted their emails. Some seem to be a bit slow on paying and there is an interesting list of MPs and ex-MPs attending.




Looks like Lesley Soper is back onboard with Cunliffe’s election as leader…who is going to go in Dunedin to make space?

I can’t work out why Jacinda Ardern is there…is it to learn or to share the experience of losing?


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  • dumbshit

    everyone you miss out on you never ever catch up

  • SteveWrathall

    Why should they pay? They’re training to be socialist politicians.

    • At $300 a head this is obviously more a fundraiser than training college.

      • rrroberto

        Troughers within the trough, note that the candidates from HQ get a free snout, paid for by …?

  • conwaycaptain

    They are not HAS BEENS they are NEVER Wases

  • blokeintakapuna

    They’ll be spitting tacks that you’ve got a list of their “talent” although surprisingly Dame Edna and Ronald McDonald isn’t on there. Perhaps they have more sense or better taste?

    The internal witch hunt for the leaker will also only cause angst.

    • Other_Andy

      ‘….surprisingly Dame Edna and Ronald McDonald isn’t on there.’
      That’s because Dame Edna and Ronald McDonald were already taken by the ‘Greens’.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My understanding is Rajen Prasad will be playing a huge part in future Curryleaf leadership….

    • dianne65


  • rrroberto

    Don’t get the Fairfax reporter to do the maths on this one. But my count of the names which I could read, was 14 girls and 7 boys. That’s twice as many in old maths. Welcome to the Man Ban? Note, excludes names which were too blurry for me to figure out, and does not factor any transgender stuff, gender identification issues, or girls with boys names and vice versa), but a quota allowance for all of those could be borne in mind)

    • dumbshit

      yeah but how many of “the girls” stand up to pee

      • rrroberto

        Difficult to tell from the list alone, but one can infer the number to be either at the quota level for this criteria of embracing diversity, or probably above it, as the JT’s -Shane Jones-Waitakere Man type quotas have been severely reduced. So far as Blokes go, NZLP is just a rump party.

  • Abjv

    Don’t notice that many of the names identifying with the Maori seats. Is there a deal with Mana under way? Or just that their Maori members can’t be FF’d?

    • rrroberto

      Mostly looks like lower NI seats, Hone not so hot down there,Ikaroa Rawhiti has a sitting MP, and Labour have announced a candidate who will I am sure have a good chance of winning Te Tai Hauāuru back from the Maori Party, (which would not be a bad thing when it comes to proportionality). The candidate is an Ex Maori Party member, and is a very close lineal descendant of Wiremu Ratana

  • If Lesley Soper is the answer, the mind boggles as to what the question may have been!

  • Ronnie Chow

    “I was pretty gobsmacked by that list . People are already stressed enough .”

  • franco

    Lesley Soper is very lightweight and is stuck in the ’70’s. Like her mullet-headed partner, she hasn’t bought any new clothes since 1985. She wears an appalling red overcoat everywhere. She is a pleasant sort but I find her a bit strange. She sort of hovers around. I thought she was one of the Clarkist acolytes that Cunliffe is trying to cull but I must be wrong. She is quite good MP material in that she makes a big effort to connect with the locals and bring their concerns to the attention of Wellington but she has little in the way or pro-active imagination. Basically, she is a drone. Perhaps that’s the kind of support base Cunliffe is trying to build, ones with appealing personalities and no personal ambitions and issues.

    • Goldie

      You are being too kind Franco. I have spoken to Lesley Soper a few times. Hair everywhere, clothes looked they were from an op shop, and she was very uninformed, slow, and easily distracted. If she is a potential candidate for Labour, then Labour really are in very deep shit.

      • Cowgirl

        She sounds like their usual offering

        • blokeintakapuna

          An up and coming star then…

          A team of stars… And a star team…

      • franco

        Candidate quality has always been a Labour problem. There’s been some horrors get into Parliament on the Labour ticket and MMP has made it even worse. Yes, Lesley Soper

  • niggly

    Although Josie Pagani had a hard job it connecting with the Rangitikei locals during the 2011 election, at least for a Labourite she is reasonably fair and balanced, can understand people have differing opinions and not chastise them for that, can and will question Labour group-think, recognises the need to adjust policy for the times we live in (ie doesn’t continue to live in some sort of idyllic past) and doesn’t lecture people on needing to be like herself. What a pity someone of her standing isn’t standing again, for people would now know her a lot better. I am not sure that the new candidate will have as much traction …

  • johnbronkhorst

    From the fuzzy picture…..there are VERY few men on that list.

    • W.Austin

      That’s what I was thinking, although a few of those blokes may as well have sheilas names.

  • Dr Wang

    Excellent service you’ve provided here Mr Whaleoil – one name listed there of someone I have regular dealings with. Thankyou, very handy to know!