My last chance to throw some pearls before swines


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  • Nechtan

    Its clever but I wouldn’t pay money to go see it, so I’ll stay a pig in the mud then I guess.

  • GregM

    That’s really good. I like art that “does something” like the cytoplasm sculpture down at the viaduct. If you haven’t seen it, all the bits rotate in the wind.
    EDIT / Credit: Sculpture by Phil Price

    • there is one in Chch somewhere that you can change the shape of yourself by turning some handles. They are essentially 4 or 5 cubes stacked on top of each other but you control their angles. I ran into it by accident and can’t remember where it is. Perhaps someone there can tell us. It’s fun for kids, at least.

      • ropteron

        I like the wind wand at New Plymouth.

  • Cowgirl