Len Brown to be censured

It appears that the councillors in Auckland City maybe growing a pair.

Auckland councillors have agreed to censure Mayor Len Brown after a five-hour meeting today to decide how to punish him over fallout from his sex scandal and other embarrassing behaviour.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse said a censure motion against the mayor would go to a public meeting of the governing body on Thursday.

The council also wants to discuss the issue of costs – the Ernst & Young report into the mayor’s behaviour has cost more than $100,000 – and work with the chief executive and Audit Office to strengthen oversight of the mayor’s office.

Mr Brown attended the first 90 minutes of today’s meeting where he offered a full and unconditional apology to councillors. ?

What he should have done was offer his full and unconditional resignation to councillors, then stepped out and announced the same to the long suffering citizens of the city he professes to love.

What I want to know is why he has apologised only to the councillors and not the ratepayers.

Call me a cynic, but I wonder if this is just a public dance that doesn’t go anywhere substantial.

He initially claimed that this was a private matter…and that blew up in his face…now he is apologising to councillors…on a private matter?

It is now a public matter and for that reason Len Brown, who has misled the ratepayers and media all along should resign.

The censure should include a no confidence motion.

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