Len Brown fails to deliver on Living Wage

The first fall out from the Len Brown fiasco is that he has failed to deliver on the living wage proposal he promised to deliver at the election.

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer says he?s pleased his push for the council to do the remuneration policy work first as well as comprehensive cost/benefit/impact analysis has beaten Mayor Len Brown?s recent political expediency to push through the Living Wage into the council?s draft 2014/15 annual budget.

?This was set to have a real impact on residential rates in 2014/15 which it now won?t. Council is now not rushing into this. We?re doing the work first and that?s a great outcome and reflects much a better process. What?s more Auckland businesses concerned about the knock-on effects can now stand down and see what council reports and policy work delivers next year.? ??

?As part of the Government?s recent Better Local Government reforms to strengthen governance provisions, councillors can now set an overall remuneration policy, which includes setting staff numbers. My amendment passed today by 11/10 means we will now embark down this track before even considering the adoption of a living wage. What?s more, this will enable the CEO to deliver the much talked-about report on the living wage?s wider implications in the New Year before any future budgetary decisions are made and the public is formally consulted.?

Make no mistake, there has been a shift in power in the council and Len Brown is now going to struggle to gain support for his pet projects.

There is still a little coterie of people who like the smell of corpses who follow along behind Len Brown, but they will realise the folly of their ways in coming weeks.