No Len, the overwhelming sentiment is for you to go

Len Brown claimed on the weekend that the overwhelming sentiment from Aucklanders is for him to get on with his job.

“The overwhelming sentiment, no matter what they think of me, is ‘for goodness sake get on with the job’.”

On the same page on the Herald website they have an online survey that shows that once again Len Brown is being economical with the truth.


Though there appears no legal way for the Council to rid themselves of the randy old goat they should nonetheless make his job more difficult.

Len Brown is a disgrace. He got caught for much less at Manukau, slapped his face silly and promised to keep better controls on his spending.

Now he has been caught pants down, scoring freebies, many from Sky City, including upgrades tot he value of tens of thousands of dollars.

We are seeing the same behaviour patterns time and time again. His extreme narcissism means he will dig in and think he can brazen it out.

He says he is sorry, and people like Len Brown always are…sorry they got caught. He isn’t sorry at all, if he was he’d resign .

If the councillors won’t stand up to Pants Down Brown then it is time for them to consider their political futures.