We have licences for ducks, upland game and fishing so why not cyclists?

Oh just a minute…when they were talking about licences for cyclists I thought they meant hunting licences…silly me.

A cycling safety group has advised ACT politicians against introducing a licensing scheme for cyclists.

Representatives of the Amy Gillett Foundation appeared before a legislative committee inquiry into vulnerable road users on Monday.

The foundation’s chief executive, former international cyclist Tracey Gaudry, said the group did not believe cyclists should have to gain licences to ride on the road.

“From our research there is insufficient evidence to determine that there are safety benefits to be gained through bicycle registration or licensing,” Ms Gaudry said.

“And indeed if there are any benefits, would the cost of those outweigh economic, health, environment participation losses?”

Although the Amy Gillett Foundation encourages cyclists to take out insurance, it did not believe bikes should have to be covered by motor vehicle-style registration.

“Registration is not about paying to use the road,” Ms Gaudry said. “It is about third-party insurance. I think there’s a commonly-held misperception out there among the driving community that it’s about rights.”

One day cyclists will realise that skin and bone v. steel is not a winning proposition and ride accordingly. Some do, but many don’t. When thy get in groups they think thy are bullet proof and also somehow entitled to dominate the road.