How long before Boyd Swinburn advocates this here?


Social Workers in the UK have found another reason to meddle with families…fat kids…and they are taking the kids off the parents essentially saying obesity is akin to child abuse.

Part of me thinks this may be a good idea but it is really thin end of the wedge stuff…what if another person like Boyd Swinburn gets a bee in their bonnet about kids playing on a Playstation or an X-Box…will social workers come and take their kids then as well?

What about houses where parents don;t believe in global warming…will the social workers come for them too?

Obese children have been taken away by social workers after being overfed by their families, it has been revealed.

The super-size youngsters were placed in care across the UK amid fears their weight was wrecking their health.?

One child had a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement of 35 – the equivalent of a six-foot man weighing 19st.

It comes as an increasing number of parents give in to their children’s cravings for unhealthy food – a phenomenon known as ‘killing with kindness’

In the past year alone, five British children have been taken from their families because of overfeeding, according to a survey by the Sunday Express.

These include two in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, one in Oxfordshire, one in Salford, and one in Hounslow, London.

And the year before, five other obese youngsters were placed in care in Sheffield, Portsmouth, Lincolnshire, Slough and Harrow, London.

Professionals say families’ gross over-eating can be one of the factors that leads to their children being taken into care.

A social worker told the Sunday Express: ‘Only in extreme cases would we take a child into care just because of their weight as we would seek to work with the family to improve their eating habits.’

On the other hand if the parents are known to welfare authorities, are in receipt of welfare benefits then it could be a good thing. And they shouldn’t be allowed them back until they can look after them properly. By all means people should be allowed to feed themselves to an early grave if they want but with the DPB and WFF largesse the caring taxpayer provides they should actually get off their fat arses and cook healthy meals for their kids…it’s certainly a lot cheaper than KFC.

It does worry me though…as I said before it is thin (excuse the pun) edge of the wedge stuff.