Martyn Bradbury the anti-semite

Seems Martyn Bradbury has got into big trouble with others on the political left by posting a rather nasty anti-semitic picture. Giovanni Tiso and Russell Brown have quite rightly pointed out on Twitter the revolting image that Bradbury put up on his union funded website, which frankly looks more like it was first published by Der Sturmer in the 1930s.

He’s deleted the post, but it was easy enough to track down the image on line thanks to the text that Bradbury helpfully left up. Warning: ?the following image posted on The Daily Blog is anti-semitic. We share your outrage about the racism towards Jewish people.

Image posted by Martyn Bradbury on his union funded blog

Image posted by Martyn Bradbury on his union funded blog

And in case Russell Brown was in any doubts as to whether Bradbury felt he was in the wrong, here’s what Bradbury said about Russell Brown

…and when Russell Brown managed to con Maori TV into taking his shit circle jerk TV show, I gave him the benefit of the doubt that it would be more than an aging hipster interviewing his small circle of chums to pat each other on the back for their own sense of magnificence.?


I relish the weekly opportunity to review Brown?s new show on Maori TV and question how and why Maori TV should be propping up a middle class white fog horn like Brown for his unique brand of pretentious wank, and Tiso?s sanctimonious whining has worn through any patience I once had with him.

Sympathy to Russell and Giovanni, who in fairness will probably have found the attacks on them enormously funny once the incredulity wore off.