Matt McCarten’s own Yeah/Nah moment

Matt McCarten appears to be changing his mind to suit his latest rant about oil drilling. He has had his very own Yeah/Nah moment.

In today’s Herald on Sunday opinion piece:

“Half of all New Zealand jobs and 70 per cent of our export revenue are directly linked to our clean, green reputation. Deep-sea oil drilling interests claim our Government could receive $300 million from it. That’s $75 per New Zealander. We trade away our best marketing brand for that?” 

Four months ago when writing on Fonterra he had an entirely different point of view.

“The 100 per cent Pure NZ brand was always opportunist marketing. The smugly branded clean image it projected was never actually true

I wish these idiots would make up their minds.

100% pure is “opportunist marketing”, yeah…nah “it’s our best marketing brand”.


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  • conwaycaptain

    He’s a Socialist they change with the wind

  • blokeintakapuna

    Anything McCarten says is to be either ignored, or really ignored. He’s about as credible as a chocolate teapot sitting in the sun… In summer… On the rear parcel tray of a car.

    Q. How can one tell when McCarten is either lying, or is full of shit?
    A. His lips are moving…

  • rockape

    Only 330 million from the tax revenue jobs, spin off industries etc, difficult to believe its that low.

  • Reid

    Must remember to cite that bastion of industrial wasteland, Norway, with its international reputation permanently blackened through its exploitation of dirty oil, next time the lefties bring up the Scandinavian states in relation to some barrow they’re pushing. Strange that I haven’t heard about it since I follow international geopolitics quite a bit, but I guess I’m just not pwogwessive enough, not an ‘advanced thinker’ like Matt is.

  • Dave

    Hey Mr McCarten, how bout a Yeah/Yeah moment, and pay back the funds you owe NZ Inc after sending Unite union broke.

    • GazzW

      You owe NZ $300k Matt which is only 75 cents per person. Doesn’t even compare to the $75 per person which you claim is a triviality. C’mon Matt play the game, you’re a man of the people – pay us out.

  • Dick Brown

    I could do with $75 right about now actually

  • toryboy

    The socialists and those they represent are honest, honourable people and when the oil revenues are flowing they will all be saying “I opposed the drilling so a bit hypocritical to accept the money isn’t it”, and declining their share.

    It is not as if they will be rolling around in the gutter fighting each other over their $75 is it? (oh, hang on…)

  • cows4me

    I bet the commie prick and his mates would have no issue in nationalising the oil industry if they had a chance to rule. You could be assured these hypocrites would not shut down oil, dairy etc, oh no, talk is cheap but money speaks.

    • WABloke

      “…if they had a chance to rule.” The hills! Run for the hills!

  • Eiselmann

    I think you may be overestimating Matt, you expect him to understand consistency of thought the way most people do… on the face of it obviously those two statements are inconsistent but…in Matts world I think there is a certain consistency to the statements….simplified , its not what Matt says but who he’s referring to or who’s opinion he is commenting on , in this case Business (and by extension ‘the right’) is bad …The greens (and all the other repressed on the left) good.
    As a made up example here and I’m probably going a little into the realms of fantasy land by suggesting both John Key and Helen Kelly say the same thing….but you only live once….
    “New Zealand needs to encourage its youth to embrace the high tech world for that is where the future lies”
    Matts reaction if Helen Kelly says that…something like ” A bright light of rational thinking and common sense , Helen Kelly words should ring loud for all to hear but don’t expect any action from this repressive John Key government who care nothing for the future of our children”
    Matts reaction of John Key say that…something like ” The only reason John key says that is to provide cheap labour for his mates , Key should worry about feeding the hundred of thousands of kids growing up in poverty rather than throwing workers money at mostly middle class kids who are the only ones who will benefit form Keys wishful thinking”.
    See the consistency…left good right bad.

  • Jman

    hmmm could it be that like most left-wing activists he simply says whatever will suit his particular agenda. Yeah I think that’s it.

  • Mr Cracker

    How talk about small nit picking cam, common you can do better than this surely ?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Jim Trott……in “The Vicar of Dibley”………yes, yes, yes, yes…..NO.
    Did Matt audition as himself for this roll?