McCarten’s winners and losers

Matt McCarten has written in the Herald on Sunday about his picks for winners and losers.


  1. Len Brown.?The Sinner. A leader of the left in public who in private believed he was entitled to the good life of the elites. A man who gained the whole world, but lost his soul. Can he be redeemed?
  2. John Banks
  3. David Shearer
  4. Pita Sharples
  5. Peter Dunne

Number one in the losers list shouldn’t have been Len Brown, it should have been the citizens of Auckland who can’t rid themselves of a dodgy rooting ratbag of a mayor.?

One thing is for sure, Len Brown has no mates left save the slavering apparatchiks who rely upon him for their salary.


  1. David Cunliffe
  2. Colin Craig
  3. John Key
  4. Russel Norman
  5. Winston Peters

Poor old Matt’s reading of the tea leaves seems a bit wonky. Cunliffe will be exposed in the coming year as a charlatan and a bullshitter. The flim-flammery of his CV was but a taster.