Monday nightCap

The answer to today’s brain teaser is




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  • Rick H

    That brain teaser is badly wrong. the first day in court 1, 2 men play against a woman/man pair; and to be correct, all pairs must be 1 man and 1 woman.

    Mr D is playing 2 courts at one time.
    On top of that, lady “F” is playing in 2 courts at one time . .LOL

    On day 2, good old Mrs H is also playing in 2 games at once.

    • peterwn

      ‘A’ can play two matches meeting the criteria, but on the third match he runs out of ‘unique’ people to partner/ play against. Therefore problem cannot be solved.

      • Rick H

        You’re correct – -I overlooked the “nor play against” part.
        2 play 3 pairs matches, of course you need 12 peeps – and there is only 8 here to chose from.

        I agree – unsolvable

      • Totally agree Peter, unless you re-word the question as per my comment below. Had me stumped for a while.

  • Guest

    Oh, and on day 2, good olm Mrs. H is also playing 2 courts at one time .LOL

    • Rick H

      I typed this, but deleted it and instead edited the other post. Somehow, this popped back up as having been posted by “Guest”.

  • Rick H

    Yes it can.

    day 1 Court 1 “AG plays BH” – Court 2 “CE plays DF”
    day 2 Court 1 “AH plays CF” – Court 2 “BG plays DE”
    day 3 Court 1 “AF plays DG” – Court 2 “BE plays CH”

    there, male/female pair on every match
    plus, assuming husbands and wives are AE BF CG DH – they never play on same pair.

  • Here’s my answer:

    day 1 Court 1 “AE plays BF” – Court 2 “CH plays DG”
    day 2 Court 1 “AF plays CG” – Court 2 “BE plays DH”
    day 3 Court 1 “AG plays DE” – Court 2 “BH plays CF”

    It only works if you reword the question: “However, no person played with any other person more than once, or played against any other person more than once.”
    or just add a couple of commas: “However, no person played with, or against, any other person more than once.”
    Grammar is our friend ;-)

  • rouppe

    I was one who thought that the block hit off centre would not rise as high.

    I wonder whether the difference in height is there but not easily measurable. Perhaps the energy imparted to create the spin is only an insignificant portion of the energy imparted overall.

    I think if you offset the block so that the bullet hit the very edge you might see more difference.