So much for poverty, busiest Boxing day sales ever

Looks like the poor state of the economy is a figment of the opposition’s imagination.

Lydia Anderson at the Herald reports:

Yesterday’s manic Boxing Day sales were the busiest ever, according to new Paymark figures.

Paymark, which processes around three quarters of New Zealand’s electronic transactions, saw a 12 per cent increase in spending on Boxing Day – an additional $14.4 million in retailers’ pockets compared to the same day last year.

In total, Kiwis spent $134.4m yesterday.   

It follows record-breaking sales on Christmas Eve, with $238.4m through the network, 18.5 per cent up on the same day in 2012, said Paymark Head of Sales & Marketing, Paul Whiston.

“Christmas Eve this year smashed all our records. Not only did we see the highest value through the network ever, we also saw the highest number of transactions – at 4.35 million – and the largest number of transactions per second.”

For Boxing Day, deals at clothing and jewellery stores (+16.5 per cent), appliance and whiteware stores (+16.6 per cent), electronics retailers (+12 per cent), and floor covering and furniture stores (+17.5 per cent) brought the shoppers in.

“Yesterday was a continuation of the growth in Boxing Day sales we’ve seen in recent years. It’s also an indication that consumer confidence is high due to the improved economy we’re seeing at present _ a win-win for retailers as far as we’re concerned.”

It was good to see some of the small regions reaping the benefits, he said.

“Gisborne saw the highest growth on Christmas Eve, up almost 36 per cent on the previous year. And yesterday Wairarapa saw an extra $200,000 injected into its local economy, an increase of 17.2 per cent on 2012.”


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  • Other_Andy

    Having saved a few hundred bucks by shopping at the foodbank and having a free lunch courtesy of the Auckland City Mission, they were now able to purchase that new iPhone…..

  • Brent

    Does anyone no the Money value of the cut off Point of the Poverty line in NZ? ie you earn $814 or less per week in NZ you are in Poverty

    • thor42

      There is no such thing as “poverty” in New Zealand.
      What passes for “poverty” is actually self-inflicted misery.

      If someone claims to be in poverty, I would give them this checklist –
      * Are you on a benefit?
      * Do you have a mortgage or are you renting your home?
      * Do you have any children? If so, how many?
      * Have you had any more children while being on a benefit?
      * Do you smoke, drink or gamble?
      * Do you have any hire-purchase commitments or loans?
      * Do you grow your own vegetables?
      * Are you taking any courses to improve your skills / education?

      • Brent

        I understand what your saying But I have been Told that for satistic purpose $814 or less you are a number counted. Not sure if true or not Thought I would Ask.

        • thor42

          Ok. A commonly-used measure is the one mentioned above ( 60% or less of the median household income). That is, however, a meaningless and completely arbitrary measure.

          As I pointed out, if the median household income were $1 million dollars a year then those
          on $600K or less are in “poverty” according to that measure.

          That measure means that there will *always* be “poverty”, no matter what the median household income is.

          That measure exists for no other reason than to give the left-wing social grous like NZCCSS a reason to exist. If “poverty” were not defined that way, they would have very little reason to exist.

          • Col

            I should go out and show them how to save, because I have been doing it for years, then lost the lot and started again, poverty my ass, I reckon you could pick any of them and show them how to survive and I mean survive because some do and so become rich because they work and don’t have extras. The problem is, they are told they are poor and believe it, all think it is there right to have a car, smoke, drink etc etc, makes me sick listening to this crap.

          • Patrick

            I think you mean left wing socialist groups – like Labour.
            Like you say it is in their interests to have so called poverty as without it their very existence would be pointless. That is why so many of their policies are designed to perpetuate a reliance on the State.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      As other sage posters here have shown, it is measured by the absence of sky tv, iPhone 5/galaxy S4 and at least one overseas holiday a year.

      • pukakidon

        No you can still be classed as destitute in this country even if you have all those things. You are technically classed very very poor if you can not pay you school fees, even though you are partying with the other poor of the world in Hawaii.

        • Patrick

          Wonder if they hooked up with the Keys while visiting Hawaii. Sure JK would be reassured his welfare state was in rude health when the poor can afford to holiday in Hawaii.

      • Peej

        On all of those counts I qualify as being in poverty!I guess Sadly I didn’t get to shop on Boxing Day shop so I’m confused about my status.

    • Col

      I must have been in poverty for bloody years then

  • thor42

    The economy is doing so well that I’m convinced that if the Nats can get in again next year, we could be set up for a boom like the “wool boom” of the 1950s. Indeed, dairying is now the big boom area – Fonterra can’t build dairy plants fast enough to meet demand. That means *jobs*.

    It would also mean that charter schools would continue until at least late 2017. That should be long enough for them to have proved themselves.

    The *very best way* for the poor to ensure that their children will not also be poor is to break the habit of a lifetime and vote *National* next year, ensuring that charter schools continue.

    Labour has *nothing* to offer except continued dependency on handouts. That is not good for people and not good for the country.

    • island time

      Remember SMP for the wool growers??? I knew a high country cocky whose new jet boat was named “SMP”.

      • thor42

        Yep, I can remember that! Seems a looong time ago now…. I guess it was!

      • jonno1

        Ah yes, the Supplementary Minimum Price, aka the “Service Main Perk” in the power industry, meaning that the power company had to subsidise the farmer’s service line beyond a certain distance, 300m IIRC, even though it was entirely on private property. So every other customer subsidised the farmer. I’m not getting at the farmers, it was a government initiative – National?

        • island time

          Supplementary Minimum Price for wool sales. Wool Growers would get up to a 25% or higher top up for their wool receipts. Around 1980.

        • Alfred12

          National in name only led by Muldoon that well known socialist! The days when we were more regulated than Hungary & Poland!

    • pukakidon

      Unfortunately this country houses many many poorly educated and dim witted people. The choice is simple, continue with growth and fortune. Or vote for the Watermelon and Labour party and spend another decade of rebuilding the economy.

      The election billboards are simple “National = 2 steps forward Labour/Greens = 10 steps backward”

      • Col

        Could give them a picture book of Cunny and JK at there own homes and ask them to make a choice, with the wording JK gave you this and Cunny took this away, with a tick in a box for JK, just saying.

  • island time

    And I guess that will not include the reselling of unwanted shit on trademe?? The Standard of course have a great spin on it – they blame John Key and its only the rich who are spending. Occasionally I have a look at that site and it just beggars belief that they are such a miserable bunch of people…they love to put their own opinions forward but if you put something forward that they don’t like they go “show me the proof”…dickheads the lot of them. It must be the sadistic part of me that makes me return to their site on a monthly basis to watch them lot wallow in their negativity.

    • rockape

      Trouble is when you do show them the truth or ask them to justify their “facts” you get banned!

  • Rick H

    What is that “alleged” poverty line set at? 40% of the median wage or wome such ririculous point?

    • Cowgirl

      I think it’s 60% of the median – at that rate I live in poverty, yet work full-time and service a mortgage and all my bills on what I earn.

      • ex-JAFA

        I live on just under $12k a year (i.e. the dole after tax) but have a freehold house and (as of yesterday) a freehold almost-new car. Just a few grand on the credit card, otherwise I scrape by. I’m sure that’s a wee bit under 60% of the median income. I haven’t been overseas in 10 years, I don’t have Sky, and my iPhone is only a 4 :-(

        • Cowgirl

          You poor thing :) I don’t even have a smart phone!

    • thor42

      I know the one. It’s 60% of the median household income (IIRC). A stupid, meaningless and completely arbitrary measure.

      If the median household income were $1 million dollars a year then those on $600K or less are in “poverty” according to that measure.

  • timemagazine

    The Cunliffistas must be beside themselves. And speaking of poverty-what poverty when every household has at least one car, a tv, a stove, a washing machine a mobile phone and so on.

    • thor42


      Most mobile phones nowadays can access the Internet. If you can do that, then you can access the free online courses from *M.I.T.* , The Khan academy and other places).

      There you go, folks. Education at your fingertips.

    • AnonWgtn

      Don’t forget Sky.

  • thor42

    Cunliffe has well and truly painted Labour into a corner by taking them further to the left.

    Constant talk about “us and them – the rich vs the poor”.
    Hypocritical talk about “the greasy fulla in the blue suit” – never mind that Cunners himself owns a mansion in Herne Bay.
    Tired old “class warfare” stuff – the politics of envy.
    Throw in much more state intervention in the economy and there you have it – “Venezuela Cunliffe” and “Venezuela Labour”.

    I would *love* to face Cunliffe in a debate. I would piss all over him.

  • greg

    They all saved money going to the free christmas dinner at the auck mission…………

  • Col

    Just wonderfulllllllllllllll, who would you vote for next year, it won’t be those Labour Greens will it, unless you want a communist state, I think cunny is changing his New Year speech again, da da da what can I say oh all the poor people put it on credit cards and it will be a cold winter for them.

  • jb

    Didn’t Uncle Bill English do well.

  • Brent

    NZ average Household income was 85k @60% 51k so Poverty Line is $980 per week, Have always wondered why the MSM Talk Poverty But Never put Numbers to it, Its no wonder Poverty in so high in NZ if That how they work it out.

    • sweetd

      If the MSM did put numbers to it people would see it for the crock of sh*t it is. Suddenly Campbell Dead would actually have to find some news and not just bleat on about the politics of envy to his mainly trailer trash watching audience.

    • Hollyfield

      I am a working single parent, choosing to live in one of Auckland’s wealthier suburbs (for the schooling and proximity to work) so have higher rent than some, I pay the compulsory school subject and sports fees plus the $655 “annual donation”. I am able to save $150 each week.
      And, according to Brent’s figures, I am apparently “in poverty”.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Get flybuys…Mine paid for $150 of New World vouchers and a Ham….Christmas shopping sorted!!
    Have noticed a steady improvement indicated by when the sales were happening.
    A few years ago, most sales were before Christmas to encourage spending, now Boxing day sales are back to get rid of surplus and old stock before the New Year.