New Years Eve nightCap

If things go the way they have gone the last 15 years or so, I’ll be asleep by midnight, and not really caring about an arbitrary calendar event.

Actually, I do remember the last time I was up at midnight. ?I was standing on the top floor of an Auckland CBD building, looking out the window over the city as 1999 ticked into 2000. ?I had to be there as I was responsible for fixing anything that might “go wrong” as the much feared millennium bug made its presence felt.

I remember withdrawing some cash, and filling the bath with water earlier that day. ?Even though logically I felt nothing would go wrong, I didn’t want to be one of the idiots with no water or cash on January 1st. ?Of course, I never told anyone. ?(Oops).

To be honest, as I looked out of that window as the seconds ticked away to midnight, and for about a minute after, I was looking for power grid failures, or anything else that would be a visual clue to a Millennium bug kicking in. ? There was a tightness in my stomach.

One of the odd things about New Years Day, and for weeks and weeks after, is that you meet people that enthusiastically wish you a “Happy New Year”. ?Their optimism, smiles and even warmth from total strangers is something rather odd and nicely unique. ?

I suspect it has something to do with the good weather and some time off work, as this feeling doesn’t seem to last past February. ?Even so, people who you haven’t met since the start of the year appear to be hunting everyone down for weeks and weeks to wish them the best for the coming year. ?Odd.

It is good to reflect on the year just past. ?In hindsight, if I could skip 2013, I would. ?It’s been a hard year. ?2014 on the other hand is sitting in front of me all shiny and new, and I can’t wait to tear into it and make it one to remember. ?A large part of this is Whaleoil, and where we will all take it this year.

Thank you all for your support, and see you tomorrow.


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This won’t be the last post for today. ?For those of you hangin’ in there until the clocks strikes 00:00, we’ve queued up some New Zealand TV nostalgia.