New Zealand. The country of talkers. The doers have given up.

Take Len Brown for example.  In any other context, that guy would have been down the road at the WINZ office ages ago.  Misuse of council funds.  Sex in the workplace.  Secret overseas trips.  The “bringing the organisation into disrepute” clause that’s part of any employment contract would have triggered.

But nothing happens.   Lots of noise and heat, but no result.

Same thing happened with the Roast Busters.  Underage sexual assault, huge amounts of outrage, press, talkback and you name it…

Have they even been talked to since?  Charged?  Nope.

Rape and sexual violence support services say they have been stretched as people seek help after the Roast Busters scandal increased awareness of sexual violence.

Help Auckland crisis service manager Aimee Stockenstroom told the New Zealand Herald her service has received 1500 calls for help in the past month – 500 more than average.  

“In October we provided 37 call-out services for police and medical, and in November we provided 62,” she said.

Wellington Rape Crisis manager Natalie Gousmett told the Herald a number of new and existing clients had sought extra support.

What’s the point?

On the one hand, we’re telling people to report these things.  But as anyone can see: nothing. gets. done.

Police are continuing to investigate the pair and members of their Facebook group, but have taken no legal action.  — 3 News

Teachers that fiddle, teenagers that stupefy and rape, and all we do is our obligatory outrage.

I’m surprised none of the Roast Buster affected girls had their father go for a little ‘chat’ with these… individuals.  I truly can’t state I’d have the self control to let the Police sort it out.  If they ever do.


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  • Dick Brown

    Welcome to New Zealand.

    • John

      NZ where the state would fund their defence and unless the Police had dotted every I and crossed every Tee they would probably get off and even if they did get convicted the wet bus ticket would not leave a mark.

    • Benjamin Rachinger

      Is there really no hope for change?

      • Dan

        There is always hope but the right have to stop fragmenting off into little parties that negate each others efforts.
        Act, Libz and the Conservative party are separate entities essentially because of egos. All three parties could probably find a few baseline common ground policies, merge and make strength in numbers.
        To get to where the right will be satisfied requires small victories, one at a time slowly moving the country right. Instead the right is trying the all or nothing approach which just wont work.

  • Benjamin Rachinger

    We shouldn’t advocate vigilantism. But there is definitely a HUGE gap between the legal route and its results and what SHOULD be happening.

    And they wonder why the youth won’t vote? The youth want something new. Something truly new. Not repackaging.

    But how/who/where/when?

    We already know why.

    Good post Cam.

    • notjaffa

      actually, I think that the reason that the youth won’t vote is because there isn’t an app for it yet.

    • James

      We outsource justice and policing to the State; and pay tax so that it can provide these services on our behalf. If they no longer provide the service that we require then we should turn to vigilantism; that may be the only way for us to get some control over the ineffectual and incompetent justice system.

      • notjaffa

        I think that you may find that services provided by the core state system is not generally known as “outsourcing”.

        • James

          The State would not exist without us nor without our agreement. The services that it provides are provided on behalf of the populace as we, rightly or wrongly, have determined that these services are best provided by the State. There is nothing stopping us from taking these services back should we decide that the State is no longer providing them to our satisfaction. Outsourcing therefore seems like the best word for it.

  • Peej

    Obligatory outrage is not all we do. We post stuff like this. Stuff that suggests the lynch mob in these situations and any others like them, will only be satisfied if there is literally, instantly, blood on the floor. “Have they even been talked to since? … Nope.”
    Is that obligatory outrage or just a lie?

    • Cowgirl

      That’s genuine outrage – I wouldn’t expect you to recognise it.

      • Peej

        I recognise genuine outrage as well as lies.

        • Cowgirl

          Are you disputing the fact that no one has been charged in the ‘Roastbusters’ case? Would seem pretty easy to prove that’s a fact. Although if you’re a fan of Brown or Cunliffe maybe you have difficulty telling fact from fiction?

          • Peej

            No dispute about that no one has been charged. No dispute that the words “Have they even been talked to since? … Nope” are fiction.

          • Cowgirl

            What is your evidence to the contrary?

    • Cowgirl

      That’s genuine outrage – I wouldn’t expect you to recognise it.

    • Don W

      Are you condoning the behavior of the man who in charge of the biggest city in this nation?

      • Peej

        Absolutely not. Is nothing at all happening somewhere between mere ‘outrage’ about Brown’s antics and attitude and a public hanging in Aotea Square with people cheering from the sidelines?

        • Don W

          Do you think that Len Brown has the credentials to run the biggest city in this nation?

          • Peej

            He has the credentials to do it in the strict meaning of the word. Whether he he has the qualities we’d want or expect of someone in the role is something else. I have doubts in that regard.

          • Don W

            Do you think Len Brown is a man of principle and integrity or a self centered ego driven man

  • Mr_V4

    Part of the problem is there are few media outlets that are hard hitting, that will constantly beat the drum, knock on doors and follow up on outcomes and hold those who should be acting to account. Get the names and mugshots of those who should be doing something on the telly everynight for two weeks and see how things will change. Instead media allows them to hide in the back office of behind a pr press release. Journalists in this country need to put down the lattes and do their f*cking job.

    Organisations, particularly govt ones know if they can weather the storm for 24hr or 48hrs that there will be no hard pencil pressing against their spine ensuring change happens.

    • Adam Michaels

      Yes, I agree with you that many organisations just seem to stand staunch, knowing that the media’s (and the public’s)attention is normally quite short and easily moved to some other story. Wasn’t there an item on National Radio about corporate and government departments directly aiming considerable budgets into cynical spin and gambling on the probability that there will be no journalistic blow torch turned on them. It looks to me as if the resources of the media are outgunned by the power of large organisations.

  • Tas

    This is a big problem everywhere and on every issue. There’s lots of outrage, but nothing gets done. Take the NSA as another example.

  • timemagazine

    The fathers of those girls probably don’t care to much, otherwise, how can you let a 13-14 year old girl out all night and have her drunk back at home in the early hours of the morning. These are not fathers, just sperm donors.

  • Exactly – Didn’t Nick Smith resign over some corruption thing? Why is he back?

    John Key should have been sacked numerous times over the spying, lying etc etc etc… nope.

    John Banks? A private individual has to prosecute him.

    What happened to The Bow Tie Guy? Didn’t he do something weird that should really have been a sackable offence, but he still seems to be hanging about?

    And what about that business with predominantly National MPs failing to declare properties they owned while claiming housing allowance? In the letter, but not the spirit of the law.

    The cycles of incompetence and corruption from this government come so thick and fast that all they need to do is feign amnesia and wait… sooner or later something new will turn up.

    Yea – so I totally agree with you.

    • GazzW

      Please expand on why John Key should be sacked Nick. More about the spying and lying and definitely much more on the ‘etc etc etc…’. Sacking a PM is a big call and needs just a tad more evidence.

      • dilligaf2013

        Nick is One Tie Ciniliffe in disguise and apart from making ludicrous statements, is unable to back anything up with facts once called out for the horseshit he is spouting. Best to treat him like a naughty two year old and just ignore him

    • Patrick

      If we are going to play your game there is a list as long as both of our arms:
      Labour lied & stole. Had to pay back $850,000 of taxpayers money.
      Peters lied & stole. Refused to pay back $158,000
      Peters lied about the funds he received from Owen Glenn.
      Peters lied about his ties to the fishing & racing industries
      Greens lied about how their super was used to invest in property that they then leased back to themselves – paid by taxpayers money.
      Clarke lied about the painting
      Clarke lied about asking the cops to break the speed limit.
      Cullen lied about PREFU
      Goff lied about his MFAT meeting with Brash.
      Cullen gave taxpayer funds of $1.5 billion dollars to a foreign corporation, without a mandate.

      I am sure there are plenty more examples, these are just off the top of my head.

  • Peter

    500 extra calls to crisis helpline in the past month. I wonder how many of those were on Len Brown’s cellphone….

    • justin

      Did anyone match up the days that Mrs Brown paid for the nights in hotels with the calls to the mistress. Surely someone can connect those dots??

      • dilligaf2013

        I understand this is just one of the questions being put to the Auditor General

      • rrroberto

        We paid EY $100K+ to find the dots, but seemingly the scope they were given did not call for any attempt to connect them

        • dilligaf2013

          The EY report was always going to be a lame duck – the scope of the report was so numb, it allowed Pants Down Brown to get away with his slimey antics – for now.
          The Auditor General will take it from here.
          I suspect Doug McKay has just passed the hot potatoe to the AG and, just like Pontius Pilot, washed his hands of the sordid affiar.
          The similarities are no doubt not lost on PDB – more scrutiny just like Jesus.

          • rrroberto

            Sounds fair enough. Those crooks who get strung up either side of him, would that be Glyn Jones and..who is the other one. Time to throw some sunlight on the enablers.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Apathy is catchy .

    • * yawn *

    • * yawn *

    • justin

      I was going to post something here… maybe later…

  • Pete

    It dont know if the doers have given up Cam, I think the problem is the way the media manufacture a “crisis” on such a regulart basis we are just over everything, we have a housing crisis, rape crisis, manufacturing crisis, the crisis in CHCH, every day another crisis for the young fluffy bunnies in the newsroom to swoon and flap about, another Campbell special on the crisis, more patsy interviews with “experts” usually grrenists !
    Persoannly, I am over the lot of them and all of it..

  • notjaffa

    Doesn’t anyone else spot the obvious contradiction? Roast Busters are just animals for what they did, just acting like cavemen, not like us, so let’s stalk them, hunt them down, and hang draw and quarter the bastards!

    We do have a justice system for a good reason, to avoid just that kind of bush-justice attitude. Obviously its flawed, but we don’t need to start again, we just need to prune off all of the deadwood excuses and politically correct bollocks about how “hard done we were as a child”, and all other ridiculous allowable let-off clauses.

    • Mr_V4

      “I can’t remember” being a big white collar excuse, probably the most pathetic of them all.

  • James

    The good thing is that the police are so incompetent that if you did go and have a word with the Roastbusters gang they wouldn’t get off their arses and do anything about it.

    • ratmuncher

      Not sure about that. These days one of the main duties of the police is to protect criminals from the public – there have several high profile cases over the years.

  • cows4me

    Perhaps we should look at the direction this country has taken over the last four or five decades it’s lurch to Liberalism or leftism, these policies include things like wholesale welfare, the DPB, the removal of parental rights, the establishment of so called children’s right’s, the promotion that all are equal, that everyone has the right to do their own thing, the non discipline of children, secularism, personal responsibility is old hat, etc. The choices we have made as a people are now coming back to bite us on the arse be they pants down or the roast busters.

    • Don W

      There definitely seem to be an entitlement mentality with a lack o personal responsibility and a no consequences for actions attitude

    • Patrick

      Making bone idleness an acceptable way of life – too many handouts to too many useless wankers.

  • greg

    Cameron these are exactly my thoughts also, where are the balls of this country? Brown has to go and has to go NOW. One Million plus Aucklanders can rid this disease, as for the shit for brains roast wankers a bit of the bash wouldn’t go a miss.

  • caochladh

    I guess, over the years a lot of people made New Zealand their home because they wanted to get away from violence. In my country, the mongrels that perpetrated these crimes would have been found in a disused warehouse having had a “six pack” administered, or for lesser crimes, the Black & Dekker would have been brought out of the tool box.

    Now, it is self evident that we have progressed to being a country with more laws than most, but little or in some cases, no justice whatsoever. Whilst not advocating any form of vigilantism, I would say that it will not be long before the mongrels amongst us pick on the wrong person.

    • captainnotsosensible

      Agree. Eventually when people see that no one “in authority” acts, they will take matters into their own hands. Nothing stays still in a vacuum…

  • Mr_Blobby

    The short answer is lack of accountability.

    The people who are Responsible and have the Authority of the state, have zero accountability, end of story. All Government departments and Councils.

    The people held accountable and made responsible by the state have no Authority. The Private sector.