Nice to see an accurate quote

Michael Fox (does his middle name start with J?) had the guts to ring me and good to see he has quoted me accurately. Well done Michael.

Slater refused to discuss his connections with Ede.

“I have no idea who I received images from, I don’t disclose who my sources are,” he said.

“I get many, many things from many different people across the political spectrum and I don’t reveal who my sources are.”

The media would run the same story if it was a party held by a political party, he said.

“You guys run around pointing the finger at how Parliament pays the cleaners, you run all of these stunts and you have a great big piss up and knees up filled with corporate whores, professional lobbyists, various other different people, leave an unholy mess and you don’t even have to pay to have it cleaned up because the taxpayer picks up the bill so yeah I do have an issue with it.”?

David Parker is all sanctimonious too.

Labour’s Deputy Leader David Parker said there had long been speculation about the links between Key’s office and Whale Oil.

“Today’s unsavoury events prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the links between Cameron Slater and the ninth floor of the Beehive,” he said.

“This raises serious questions about the source of many of Cameron Slater’s stories. We can now safely assume future leaks regarding confidential government information and political attacks National wants to distance itself from, come from John Key’s office.”

Unsavoury? Posting a photo??There is much that is pretty unsavoury in your life David, the gallery might like to play secrets but I won’t.

Perhaps he might like to now declare which Labour staffers are also authors on The Standard?