Oh so Brewers trip was declared after all

I see the Herald holiday staff have caught up with the news yesterday that Cameron Brewer’s trip to Australia was in fact declared.

Be nice if the the other media out there could now correct their errors, along with assorted other commentators who continue to spin the lie that it wasn’t.

Ben Irwin at The NZ Herald writes:

The pressure on Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer has eased after it was found that a free trip he took to Port Douglas – which last week was said to have been undeclared – was in fact declared in the council gift register in 2011.?

Mr Brewer, who has been a harsh critic of Mayor Len Brown for not declaring $39,000 of free hotel rooms and upgrades, discovered the declaration after inquiries with the Auckland Council electoral office. His four-day junket, which included free air tickets and accommodation, was offered by MediaWorks, which runs TV3.

Auckland Council electoral officer Bruce Thomas confirmed that although Mr Brewer did not file a full register of members’ interests annual statement by June 30, 2012, he did in fact declare the junket in an email on September 8, 2011 – one month after the trip.

Mr Brewer said he had been “chastised as a hypocrite” but was sure he had declared it somewhere.

“Given this information was put on the council gift register and was actually part of the Ernst Young review, I’m very disappointed that council staff didn’t give me and the media the correct information last week.”

Now, back to Len Brown and his undeclared gifts, trips and holidays. The little smear against Brewer is classic David Lewis/Phil Wilson tactics…this time it hasn’t worked.