Paul Brislen loses the plot, Wrecking Crew joins in

WreckingCrew copy

Any semblance of credibility?Paul Brislen had left has now evaporated completely?after he?made?one of the most bizarre claims I’ve seen for a while. Of course by aligning himself and being part of Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew we are becoming more and more used to bizarre claims.

It appears Brislen is claiming?that public sector workers have been using inside information to buy up shares in Chorus. Yep, that’s right, he thinks that government employees are so flush with cash that they can afford to buy millions of shares in Chorus!

“On Friday, when a report by EY Australia into the financial viability of Chorus was received by the government but not released publicly, shares in Chorus jumped by over 7%, Tuanz says.”

I’m not sure what Brislen’s?smoking but it surely can’t be legal. For the share price to move 7%, I imagine millions of shares would have to trade hands.?

And if we look a bit further we find what actually caused the share price to increase.

“On Thursday, Brian Gaynor’s influential Milford Asset Management began to load up Chorus,?buying 9 million shares. The fund manager?told?NBR it had judged Chorus had reached a point of maximum uncertainty. Some investors could also have taken heart from ACC’s?Friday?disclosure it had bought?500,000 shares.”

Fellow Corporate Wrecking Crew member and ring leader, Matthew Hooton, has spent the last few days spinning Brislen’s?theory on Twitter. I assume his contract with the Coalition of Losers is about to come to an end so he’s drumming up wacky conspiracy theories so he can keep sucking from the?Coalition’s tit.

Amy Adams refreshingly?calls it how she sees it.

“As a number of the claims made by Tuanz and the coalition?during this process have subsequently proven to not be correct, I’m not paying much attention to this one.

“If Tuanz has evidence of wrong doing then they should present it and I would hope that they would have before making allegations of this sort.”

Not surprisingly, most of the?media have fallen over themselves to repeat Brislen’s outrageous claim without bothering to first check whether there is any basis to what he’s saying.

The Herald’s business editor Liam Dann seems to be the only one who can see through Brislen and Hooton’s antics.

The Gurnard, now a keen follower of conspiracy theories was right in there too.

Not content with slashing more than $500 million from the value of Chorus, Brislen and Hooton are now disappointed that the share price is starting to recover. These guys are unbelievable.

What’s the bet?that Brislen and Hooton’s claims are exposed as complete rubbish, but that the media let them off scot-free. The media need to hold these clowns accountable.

Brislen has a history of completely making up stuff that is so far from the truth it’s laughable. I sometimes wonder if he’s being advised by Clare Curran.

It’s time to shine some light on his destructive?antics. Watch this space.