Photo Of The Day

Helmut Newton

A Scene From Pina Bausch’s Ballet 1983, Die Keuschheitslegende (The Legend Of Virginity)

Helmut Newton (1920 – 2004)

Helmut Newton, a German-Jewish/ Australian fashion photographer, is best known for his fashion and female nude studies.

Newtons proclivity for the unusual, particulary in sexual contexts, is attributed to his early years when his older brother showed him the “Red Light” district of Berlin.

This early exposure would later lead him to create photographic studies that altered the course of fashion photography.

Newton was a  prolific widely imitated fashion photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black and white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications.

In 2010 a photographic copy of this print sold for $31,250 in New York.



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  • Col

    Not looking good Lux, what happen to your Manly Bloke, oh right that is Bloke.

    • Lux

      Not a bad way to go though, being eaten alive …

      • OrphanIsland

        I’m all for experimentation, but in this case I’d have to say they are doing wrong.

      • blokeintakapuna

        You’re naughty, but I like the way you think!

  • Dick Brown

    A biting commentary I guess you could say.

  • john Doe

    Nice arse. Shame about the face.

  • James Stephenson

    Those Lacoste sleeping bags are expensive.

  • rightoverlabour

    Gives a new meaning to giving head! Couple of questions – Was the model alive/ real? Was the crock alive /real? The possible combinations are quite interesting to examine. Dead model – live crock, Live model – dead crock, dead model – dead crock, live model – live crock. As an amateur photographer, which would be the most fascinating/interesting/ difficult to photograph?

    • drummerboy

      It’s all photoshop

    • Col

      She lost her key.

  • drummerboy

    I prefer the interesting landscapes and other PG stuff. This stuff belongs on some hipsters tumblr.

  • terrynaki

    Beavan, I LUV YOU LONG TIME!!!

  • blokeintakapuna

    When she said she likes her neck gently nibbled and nuzzled…

  • notjaffa

    This is what Len Brown’s camp will do to any further mistresses that dare come forward.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Just a thought.
    If the crocodile is alive….the girl is stuffed.
    If the girl is alive…the crocodile is stuffed.