Police investigating Independent Liqour’s The Mill


It?s never a good look for a company to ignore solutions to problems handed to them on a plate – especially from a person they said was a poor parent. But that?s what?s happened.

Big Booze company?Independent Liquor copped it in the slats for selling its Red Square Vodka online to kids?via it solely owned The Mill outlet.? The Mill?s GM Bevan Seddon told Gavin Holmes that as a parent, he should be responsible for his lying son. Nice work Bevan.

But Gavin Holmes wasn?t done with Independent Liquor. He has come back and thrown the cat among the pigeons by?asking them why they don?t adopt a Department of Internal Affairs Initiative?to stop kids buying booze online.?

He wants The Mill/Independent Liquor to overall the security of its online site and adopt the RealMe identity service developed by Internal Affairs and NZ Post. He said;

?Access for the public is free and the benefit to the public is that this system isn?t retailer specific but can be used globally which is preferable to my initial suggestion of a retailer website specific proposal?

Sounds like a positive idea/solution.

What?s the response from The Mill?

Let?s just say that Bevan Seddon has been thrown under the bus by his boss Jeremy Livingston and is no longer commenting. Maybe Livingston?s response is more customer friendly?

Oh dear, Jeremy Livingston was too busy to answer a key question about how The Mill could stop selling Red Square Vodka to kids.

Wonder if he?s too busy answering questions from the Police who are now investigating The Mill over the incident.

Makes you wonder if Independent Liquor?s boss Julian Davidson is too busy in ?strategy sessions? to take up the call from Gavin Holmes.