Pot, Kettle, Black, Mr Goff

Phil Goff has the sanctimony and hypocrisy to claim that Peter Dunne is unfit to be a minister;

Opposition MPs have used parliamentary privilege to label United Future leader Peter Dunne as the person who leaked the sensitive document that set in train events leading to a high-powered inquiry accessing a journalist?s emails, swipe-card and phone records.

Prime Minister John Key opened the door to Dunne picking up a ministerial portfolio next year after Parliament’s privileges committee yesterday slated Parliamentary Service and a former top public servant for over-reaching their powers in seeking to track down the source of the leak.

But in Parliament tonight, Labour MP Phil Goff said Dunne was not fit to be a minister and had broken his oath of confidentiality.

“He has no right to be a minister; that’s why he resigned, that’s why it is totally improper for Key to be talking about bringing back Peter Dunne as a minister.”?

Let’s look at Phil Goff’s own history.

He was involved the “gone by lunchtime” leak from foreign affairs, politicising that organisation. He was also wrong, but that didn’t stop the media who took Goff’s leak from continuing to run the line to this day.

Then there was his breach of suppression laws for which he was warned by Police.

Then there was his denial of a briefing by the SIS which he lied about and I broke the story about it.

Phil Goff was also Labour leader when Darren Hughes fell off a swiss ball. He and his office took two full weeks to come clean on their involvement in trying to keep it out of the limelight with Police.

When it comes to ethics Phil Goff really isn’t one who should comment.