Ratbag Labour party staffers back in time for gallery party

Tonight is the Press Gallery party.

Just in time David?Cunliffe has employed two of the culprits in the 2008 press gallery party heist in his office. Of course one is now an MP.


Up to four Labour Party staffers face the sack after they were allegedly caught stealing alcohol from a parliamentary Christmas function.

Police were called to Parliament in the early hours of today after the four people were seen loading surplus alcohol from the Press Gallery Christmas party into a car on the precinct.

One of the men was detained and arrested at the scene, allegedly with over $400 worth of wine in his car. He has been charged with theft.

The man’s accomplices escaped, but NZPA understands security footage shows four people were involved in the alleged theft ? all of them junior Labour Party staffers.

They are from this group of four that got away scot free.? 

Alastair Johnstone, is now deputy director of research and Karl Beckett is deputy Chief of Staff.

One of the leading lights of the Cunliffe leadership campaign was the very bright and capable 30-something, Karl Beckett. He knows quite a lot about leadership transitions, being an early casualty of the transition from Helen Clark to Phil Goff, when he and quite a few of his colleagues in the Opposition Research Unit lost their jobs as the new leader set about remaking the Top Floor in his own image.

Well that was Martyn Bradbury’s version of events. The truth is very much a long way from that.

The journos better keep their eyes on the booze?tonight with these guys back around the place.

Interesting strategy to have known ratbags running your office.