Rooting is rampant on Auckland City Council property

A reader emails concerned with rooting on council property:

Hi Cam,

Auckland City seems to have a problem with not only the Mayor rooting on council property – even the rabbits are rooting like… well… rabbits it seems.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took the attached photos while walking around Lake Pupuke yesterday – at one point I counted 23 individual rabbits sitting on the small grass area at once, not including the ones over the fence in the grass by North Shore Hospital.

Turning a blind eye to rampant rooting, while the perpetrators enjoy free hospitality, pleasant accommodation and views overlooking the city seems to be par for the course these days in Auckland. Or perhaps these are a specially bred variant of rabbit that prefer council grass, in which case they could be a solution for overgrown berms?

Of course it would be illegal for anyone to knock the dear wee bunnies off with an air pistol, so like Len, the furry rooters will be around for some time yet I’m sure.


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  • Orange

    What kind of diseases do they carry?

    • DLNZ

      Chlamydia apparently…. not sure about the rabbits though :P

      • Don W

        Didn’t Bevan Chuang claim see got Chlamydia, possibly from Len Brown ? Perhaps there is a sexual connection between Len and the council rabbits

    • steve and monique

      Lead poisoning!

  • Nechtan

    I seem to remember being told for every rabbit you see there are 10 you don’t. That’s a lot of rabbits, mmmmmmm rabbit.

    • Col

      So there are more in the Auckland council then?

  • skyshore

    So these rabbits don’t require an upgrade like Len rabbit…?

    • steve and monique

      Unlike Len, any hole will do,

      • notjaffa

        unlike Len?

        • steve and monique

          Rabbits are Rabbits. Lens a mongrel

  • notjaffa

    I believe that rabbits now use the phrase: “fornicating like a Len Brown”

  • timemagazine

    They have found their inspiration form the mayor with a passion for the city.

  • Bob Murphy

    Even the plants are rooting in the parks.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Traditional Christmas rabbit…

    • DLNZ

      Well seeing as its in your neck of the woods you wont have far to go to catch dinner :P

  • Col

    So this may be the new Rooting Park they intend to put in under the ACC building, I thought you drove your car in for a root.