Seven Sharp fires, and misses

Seven Sharp has topped the list for BSA complaints this year.  They tried to be more irreverent, but discovered their audience wasn’t ready for it.  Too much of a leap.

Just a note to Seven Sharp producers… when I am on TV, do I speak like I write on the blog?

Let that sink in for a while.

Charlie Gates reports on 2013’s biggest “controversies” on television

Seven Sharp:

Presenter’s comment “wet fart in a wedding dress” – ruled immature, crude and a departure from the language of primetime news, but not a breach of standards.

Shortland Street:  

A character threw a cigarette butt on the ground – ruled that it would not have offended most viewers and did not encourage viewers to break the law.

Radio talkback:

Caller claimed Prince Charles raped Diana – ruled the conversation was not unduly offensive in the context of a late-night talkback programme, and the host acted responsibly by asking the caller to clarify her point.

One News:

Footage of Miley Cyrus, pictured right, twerking at the MTV Awards – ruled provocative and challenging but relevant as it illustrated for viewers why the performance had attracted worldwide publicity.


Lana Del Ray song lyrics “let’s go get high” allegedly encouraging drug use – ruled no breach of standards as the lyrics and footage did not glamorise drug use nor encouraged viewers to break the law.

So there you go.  Pretty much what I do here on a daily basis – push people’s sensibilities – but few would even trigger the considered eyebrows of the BSA.

I note that since Pete has set up a formal complaints avenue on Whaleoil, we’ve yet to receive our first.  Not sure what that means, to be honest… am I getting too soft?

Anyway, for a bit of fun, tick any and all of the top BSA complaints for 2013 that you consider offensive.

Which of the ones below trip your "beyond-the-pail-o-meter", if any?

  • None of the other options trigger my beyond-the-pail-o-meter (51%, 123 Votes)
  • Radio talkback: Prince Charles raped Diana (20%, 48 Votes)
  • Seven Sharp: wet fart in a wedding dress (15%, 35 Votes)
  • One news: Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV Awards (8%, 20 Votes)
  • Shortland Street: a cigarette butt on the ground (oh ffs, NZ, get a life...) (3%, 8 Votes)
  • C4: Lana Del Ray song lyrics "let's go get high" (3%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 203

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  • Agent BallSack

    I must be an old fart, I dont watch ONE News, 7 Sharp, C4, Shortland Street or listen to talkback so therefore can’t be offended. Put that in the Nielsen ratings.

  • Rodger T

    I`ve never watched it ,so I guess I can`t really form an opinion, but what the hell, thats never stopped me before.
    The show was just crap.
    A little surprised they did`nt get any complaints on that score.

    • Reid

      Yes. The BSA should create a new category: “Displayed galloping mentalism so profound it was worth making a complaint about it instead of merely changing the channel.”

      I guarantee they’d need to hire some temps just to process the complaints.

  • hookerphil

    Wow, there have been 37 votes 1.03 – Get a life – little box for “whatever”

  • Blueballs

    I once saw footage on Campbell live of Miley Cyrus dressed as Prince Charles rapeing an effigy of Dianna in a wedding dress, the resulting orgasm was so intense as to induce a wet fart on Mileys part, followed by a post coital proclamation of “lets go get high”, after which the brazen litter bug threw her marajuana cigarrette butt on the stage and stalked off.
    Fuck, there really is no limit to what that cock will do for ratings, lets report the bastard!

    • Thismayhurtabitsobraceyourself

      Campbell would whack off to that.

      • Never in the dark…..

        Given the freeride he gave PDB first time round, I’d suggest the two could whack off to anything.

        • Thismayhurtabitsobraceyourself

          Free ride? Reach-around.

  • john Doe

    Two homosexuals and a comedian could be deemed offensive to some.
    Certainly not my cup of tea.

    • Rodger T

      That would be “alleged” comedian.

      • ex-JAFA

        On the rare occasion I’ve seen Mulligan on the jumping box, a minimum of 90% of the laughs he gets come from his own mouth.

      • Never in the dark…..

        Even ‘alleged’ is stretching it and offering too much credence to the notion of him being humorous in the slightest.

  • LesleyNZ

    Haven’t watched 7 Sharp since it began. Why would you want to give its content space in your brain?
    Ali Mau and her performance after the gay marriage law was passed was a fleeting time I did watch – for a minute. Her performance meant never again. She has lowered her standard so much. Such a shame. Ali and her ex hubby Simon Dallow were a great team to watch on One News………………..
    Cameron – you speak very well and articulately when you are on tele. 7 Sharp could learn a lot. Wonder if Mike Hosking will teach them?

    • Reid

      “Ali and her ex hubby Simon Dallow were a great team to watch on One News.”

      If you enjoy watching vacuous airhead bimbos reading a teleprompter and pretending they’re wise and trustworthy so that all the other vacuous airhead bimbos feel free to “invite” them into their living rooms…

      Frankly I wouldn’t care if it was delivered by the fat NY guy from Hell’s Kitchen who couldn’t keep the stains off his apron, if it really was news, as opposed to the utter crap they breathlessly dish up night after night after night.

  • sheppy

    I’d put forward a complaint of vacuous waste of airtime in a prime slot against both TV1 & TV3 for both 7pm weekday offerings.

  • skyshore

    can’t stand the 7 blunt background music, the 2013 PC pretend presenters or the rubbish they try to peddle as being normal. Don’t watch 1 or 3 so called news or campbell dead (except when brown was on ha). Might watch Hosking, so no vote from me.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I put Cyrus. Not for all the twerking and other carry on, but for the fact it gets repeated ad nauseum.

    I could never have a bad thing to say about Lana Del Rey. Some of her lyrics lead me to coin those from Bob Seger’s Mary Lou: “She make a young man itch, She make an ol’ man faint”. I suffer both.

    Never watched a Shortland St episode from beginning to end. So couldn’t comment. The same to be said for Mike Hoskings new show.

    As for Di, I can’t comment on how the sex worked between Charlie and Lady Di. Just that Di definitely took one for the country. Glad to see Will has inherited more of her genes than his.

  • Morrissey

    “They tried to be more irreverent, but discovered their audience wasn’t ready for it.”

    Not strictly correct. The audience is ready for irreverance, just not for unfunny self-styled “comedians” like the mirthless Greg Boyed making a travesty of current affairs TV.