Sex Sells

This is a list of the top 50 posts for the year…there is little doubt as to what was the story of the year.

We have had all manner of media commentators exclaim that the Len Brown story was “too detailed”…but you know what…they all read it.

As a species we are hypocrites.  We pretend to be better than that, but the numbers don’t lie. From Len Brown and Bevan Chuang to Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne…the message is simple to Stephanie Key to Oscar Pistorious…people like to read about dodgy, rooting ratbags, sex and scandal.

But I think it is more dodgy rooting rat bags that sells.

If Len Brown had have just been happy running one up his missus at home there would be no scandal and people could say ‘Ngati Whatua Room’ without laughing hysterically.

Here are the Top 50 posts for the past year. 

Rank Title Views
1 EXCLUSIVE: Len Brown’s Town Hall to Downfall 116,270
2 EXCLUSIVE – Len Brown – fresh revelations 71,989
3 EXCLUSIVE: Len Brown’s lewd text messages 51,151
4 EXCLUSIVE – The Affidavit 44,996
5 A collection of Oscar Pistorius jokes 39,294
6 Why we broke the story of the rooting ratbag mayor 38,849
7 Dad’s not Lovin’ It, Stephanie Key poses nude 36,354
8 EXCLUSIVE – Bevan speaks out against nasty Brown smears 30,780
9 Some Rolf Harris Jokes 26,197
10 Fifty Shades of Brown and other jokes 21,640
11 New Zealand has its own Weiner: Dodgy LBP Paul Findlay 17,904
12 EXCLUSIVE – The anatomy of an APN/NZ Herald hit job 14,622
13 Simon Bridges swings while John Campbell breaks the law 14,283
14 EXCLUSIVE: Brown helped Chuang get council job, gave personal reference 13,858
15 EXCLUSIVE: Chuang telling media different stories now as she runs from spotlight 13,198
16 Gilmore issuing threats now 13,147
17 Update – Check back at 8pm for the next installment 11,398
18 Rapid Fire Q+A on Len Brown story 11,358
19 [EXCLUSIVE] Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong revealed [PHOTOS] 9,965
20 Why the full court press against Bevan Chuang? 9,377
21 The scuttlebut on Team New Zealand’s scuttling of hope 9,078
22 Things getting testy in the Mayor’s office, abusing Duncan Garner now 9,071
23 Latest Oscar Pistorius joke collection 9,032
24 BREAKING – Brown spin weasel sacked in midst of crisis 8,752
25 [EXCLUSIVE] Media manipulation by the NZ Herald in the Len Brown sex scandal 8,363
26 And now you see why it was so important to oust Brown 8,102
27 50 Shades of Brown – and stay tuned for 1530 post 8,027
28 [EXCLUSIVE] Cover up over Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong 7,904
29 Len Brown sex scandal claims first scalp 7,786
30 Front? For what? 7,774
31 The constant and ongoing lies of Len Brown 7,667
32 Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign 7,562
33 Not one cent, “new evidence” proves nothing 7,516
34 An email from a reader about Pants-down Brown 7,394
35 Brown desperate as he drags daughters into spotlight to fight battles for him 7,278
36 Mustafa Sabanli, meet Streisand. Streisand, meet Mustafa Sabanli. 7,272
37 [EXCLUSIVE] The cover up of Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong, Ctd 7,079
38 Dear Len 7,055
39 Tory Sex Scandal erupts 6,971
40 An Open Letter to Mayor Len Brown from a reader 6,949
41 Trained and Skilled? Just exactly which skills did Andrea Vance use to take down Peter Dunne? 6,914
42 New claims may save Brown 6,882
43 The rape culture we created 6,690
44 How about these rules Len? Do these apply to you? 6,634
45 Honesty is the best policy, eh Len? 6,417
46 What does the Auckland Council Code of Conduct say about Len’s behaviour? 6,313
47 Bob Jones in trouble, so is the Herald 6,064
48 Why does Len Brown lie so much? 5,849
49 Yup, it’s true, the Truth gig is over 5,780
50 [EXCLUSIVE] Cook speaks – How he worked the Len Brown scandal 5,757



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  • Jaffa

    I am not a hypocrite.
    I just like to be informed, and well read!

    • Col

      You dirty bugger,lol

  • Col

    I think Cam you better put Len down you will run out of puff.
    We all like to hear the dirty parts but some people just say they don’t, bit like having a boiled potato without the butter.

  • Mr_Blobby

    And it has been since the primordial soup days, long will it continue.

  • Night Stick

    Another Brown expose will send those figures skyward again.

  • Garbageman

    Damn discovered 1 thing …i spend way to much time on here not only do i know all those posts i probably read most of the comments as well, and as for details i want them all nasty, naughty, filthy with cream on top, i dont keep coming back here just for Lux’s pic of the day only u know

  • Concerned Of Remuera

    Yeah…there is nothing high brow about me, I’ll read all the gory details to enhance my dull and dreary life. :)

  • GregM

    The juicy bits help me to to imagine what an exciting life would be like, and shine a little point of light into my miserable existence, alone in my hovel, surrounded by cats, and empty gin bottles.
    Keep it coming team :-)

    • Concerned Of Remuera

      Exactly…my vicarious life…my raison d’etre.
      Thanks WO (and associated dipshits who make such easy targets of themselves) for providing this humanitarian service.

  • Dave

    so lets see, your number one post for the year, gets almost as many views as an entire month at that other blog, the um, er, Stranded. Must make their Sysop so proud, but they can claim the most bans for any blog.