A star spangled middle finger

Obama is flipping the metaphoric bird at Vladimir Putin and his homophobia.

I’m not coming, have some lesbians instead.”

That may not be the exact wording of Obama’s RSVP to next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But in picking tennis star and lesbian icon, Billie Jean King, along with gay hockey player Caitlin Cahow as his delegates, the U.S. President certainly seems to be giving homophobe extraordinaire, Vladimir Putin, a star spangled middle finger. 

Earlier this year, the Kremlin implemented a noisome little bundle of new anti-gay legislation. Russia’s recent “gay propaganda” law, strikingly similar to the Thatcher government’s Section 28, criminalises conveying homosexuality to children as anything other than undesirable and unnatural. Since this and other homophobic laws were enacted, LGBT rights organisations worldwide have been piling pressure on the International Olympic Committee to pull the winter games out of Sochi. While the IOC has failed to take any protest action, the US government has stepped in by stepping out.

Perhaps Obama is still sore over Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowden, or perhaps he finds skiing duller than a three day filibuster on federal trade laws. Whatever the reasoning is behind the President’s Sochi snub, it’s a bold move—especially for a leader who’s so often accused of being ineffectual. It’s also unlikely that he’s including two lesbians in the US delegation by pure accident. For the first time in fourteen years, the US won’t be sending its President, or anyone vaguely presidential (the Veep, for instance) to an Olympic games. Either U.S.-Russia relations are meandering back towards Cold War levels of intimacy, or Obama is a giant rainbow flag-waver.


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  • Cowgirl

    Bold statement – I like it

  • cows4me

    Obummers new America, gay, liberal and anti Christian. Yeah he’s the man, funny that, many Americans would now prefer Putin as their president rather the hollow suit Marxist at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • Night Stick

      He can’t be true Muslim though with those liberal views.

    • WayneO

      Not sure his agenda is gay, but perhaps more tolerant. So a tolerant, liberal and anti-Christian(religion) state. Sounds good to me. He might be missing the economic conservatism but he’s a million times better than Norman or Cunnilingus.

      • cows4me

        I think the jury maybe still out on that Wayne, wait till they stop printing money, things will get interesting then.

  • All_on_Red

    Obama has become an irrelevance in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Talks a good talk but walks a red walk

  • Other_Andy

    “…picking tennis star and lesbian icon, Billie Jean King, along with gay hockey player Caitlin Cahow….”
    And nobody in Russia will give a rats-ass as long as they are not obnoxious, loud mouth activists.

    Another meaningless left-wing chomskyisk word.

  • snakebit

    Obamas fall from grace is good watching.

    • AnonWgtn

      He is the current leader of the decline and fall of the American dream, and short lived empire – 1945 to 2010.
      Farewell – it will never come again – China will take them to the cleaners.

      • Other_Andy

        Make that 1945 to 2008.

      • WayneO

        Not sure I agree. The US economy is recovering quite swiftly. This time next year will be interesting.

  • Andrei

    You’ld think the most significant issue facing the world today is that western homosexuals cannot proselytize Russian school children with their deviancy.with all the crap that is written about this issue.

    Utterly Banal!

    The Olympics is about SPORT but in their desperate need to be the center of attention “gays” are trying to make it all about THEM

    • AnonWgtn

      The Springboks 1981 tour was about Rugby – Yea

    • blokeintakapuna

      “Reality” doesn’t start with the letter “D”

  • Other_Andy

    Reminds me of another insecure ‘leader’.
    One who felt the need to surround himself with female bodyguards.

  • timemagazine

    The One is so obsessed with gay policies he can’t see anything else around him. I feel actually sorry for him and his advisers. Nobody will care about an old tennis player and a retired hockey player the young generation has never heard off. But this is what you get when you spent 1 billion US $ for an election. A narcissistic ego maniac Marxist.

  • BR

    Flipping the bird at people is what Obama does best.


  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe we could help out too… And send the Topp twins?