My Strange Addiction

TLC (Discovery Channel) are doing a series on people and their odd addictions.  There are the ones you would suspect if your mind is weird enough like mine, ao feel free to pop over and watch some episodes.

But this one really got me.  Mattress eating.


Another star of the upcoming series is 26-year-old Jennifer, who has been addicted to eating mattresses for more than twenty years.

She estimates that she has consumed a total of eight beds since her addiction began.

The show will follow Jennifer’s life, as well as her family’s concern that her mattress diet may be harming her health.

Call me insensitive (go on!), but I don’t think the mattress part of Jennifer’s diet is the problem




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  • Dick Brown

    You are what you eat.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Pillow biting to the extreme…

  • cows4me

    Sponge Bob’s girlfriend?

    • … with some fava beans and cayenne tea?

    • Jimmie

      Thats pretty funny cows

    • Dick Brown

      hahaha I was FOAMing at the mouth when I read that; thanks cows4me, you really put a SPRING in my step.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Would it help her sleep you think?

  • Patrick

    She is of such a size she finds it difficult to navigate her way to the fridge or pantry. This brings new meaning to the term convenience food – the mattress just happens to be the closest thing she can lay her hands (& teeth) on.

  • Gordon Gibson

    Insensitive hua.
    As Barry Crump would have said: ‘Her brains have slipped out of gear’.

    • 2bluemoons

      or the one he used to say to me all the time……
      ‘Woman!! strange cattle.’

  • Dumrse

    With a shit locker full of sponge she isn’t going to sink any time soon.

  • Mark

    “She estimates that she has consumed a total of eight beds since her addiction began.” — I’m guessing she consumed the Manchester on those eight beds too…

    • Gordon Gibson

      Yeah we could probably sheet home the blame for that too Mark.

  • Ebullient2012

    Yet ANOTHER documentary about a mattress eating addict! Yawn.

  • blokeintakapuna

    More cushion for the pushin’ as they say…

    • Gordon Gibson

      Fuck I’m not having her over for the weekend.

      I wonder how she would go on an old kapok jobbie.

  • motorizer

    thank god its not chocolate sponge.

  • Clemgeopin

    Sky City gave Len some free mattresses too!

  • Chris

    Is this like Rug Munching??

  • blokeintakapuna

    When she goes on a diet.. She eats hammock.

  • Cowgirl

    That cannot be tasty or hygienic – ew

    • Gordon Gibson

      It would be bloody filling though CG!

      (protracted precious pup laughter caused by 7% beer)

  • Alfred12

    Banned from Harvey Norman bedding department?