No surprises, another Labour politician broke electoral law

9469069David Cunliffe broke the law on Saturday, yet another in a long list of Labour politicians who play fast and loose with the Electoral Act knowing that they will never be prosecuted.

There were more than 30 referrals to police by the Electoral Commission for breaches of the Act and not a single one of them has been investigated or prosecuted. Labour knows they will not be prosecuted and so dies David Cunliffe. If I was advising any politicians I would tell them to right ahead and breach the Electoral Act because there is no sanction.

Labour leader David Cunliffe might have fallen foul of the law with a message posted on his Twitter profile on the day of the Christchurch East by-election.

The Electoral Commission is looking into the tweet by Cunliffe on Saturday urging Christchurch East residents to get out and vote for the successful Labour candidate Poto Williams.

“If you are resident in Christchurch East don’t forget to vote today – for Labour and Poto Williams!” he wrote.

Under Electoral Commission rules, no campaigning of any kind is allowed on election day.?

The message has since been deleted.

Cunliffe yesterday took responsibility for the tweet, saying it was sent in error, but was reluctant to explain how.

“I take responsibility for that, the tweet was sent in error and deleted within seconds and it was reported as soon as possible to the returning officer,” he said.

It was a draft which he sent unintentionally and deleted immediately before reporting it to his campaign who he said reported it to the returning officer.

He was not aware of the rules at the time it was sent but said no one else pointed out his mistake to him before he deleted it.

Cough…cough bullshit David. You ahve been an MP for 14 years, now you are the leader of a political party…you knew th rules, you just got snapped.

If there is any investigation I can predict two things…first there won;t be any prosecution and second that Cunliffe will blame a staffer.