Vegansexuals call on parliament to create a Commissioner for Animals


Christchurch couple Nichola and Hans Kriek are vegans who won’t root non-vegans

As a fan of the outdoors and hunting, one group of people polar opposite to me are loopy Vegans. At the extreme edge are?even loopier vegansexuals.

Hans Kriek porned himself in-front of the Primary Production Select Committee last week, deeply concerned over the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill.

You may know Hans Kriek from the nutter animal welfare activist group SAFE. He now wants the Government to start a Commissioner for Animals.

To cut a long story short, Kriek essentially wants equal rights for all animals. Perhaps he wants to give them all a name as well, particularly those sows and chickens popping out eggs all day.

Good ole Eric Roy asked Kriek about wild pigs and how they could be hunted without dogs ? a near on impossible task in my view. Kriek fell into that one, calling for an expert committee to be set up to find ways to?hunt?control wild pigs because he thought hunting pigs with dogs was cruel. Eric Roy told them to HTFU, telling them that was a principle without substance. ??

As usual, Kriek then banged on about banning animal testing for cosmetics.? Aside from the fact there is no animal testing in New Zealand, Kriek launched into fear mongering saying there might be in the future. May as well close the barn doors then.

Seriously, I?d rather have products such as sunscreen tested on animals before the kids slap it on and head out into the sun. Even?L?Oreal admits that in some cases animal testing is simply unavoidable.

While it?s tempting to say the only thing Kriek walked away from the committee with, was a spanking, I did wonder who could fill the role of the Commissioner for Animals ? if such a loopy idea ever got off the ground.

Cat lovers like Gareth Morgan or former Nat MP Brian Connell could be good for starters?