Wait until some pedo tries this here

Don’t laugh it will happen. There are some truly sick people out there and not just the pedos.

Then there are the the social worker jobsworths who think of only of the criminal’s human rights like the ones in Sweden who have allowed a convicted paedophile to adopt a child.

A Swedish man convicted for molesting a five-year-old girl in his neighbourhood has been given the green light to adopt a child of his own, as Swedish authorities said they did not fear he would relapse into criminal behaviour.

The man, who is in his 60s, has been found guilty of more than 90 crimes, mostly different types of fraud. The regional Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD) newspaper reported on Friday that the man was also convicted of molesting his neighbour’s then five-year-old daughter in 2004, and was also suspected of raping a young teenage girl. 

The man will now be able to adopt, after a review by the municipality’s social affairs committee (socialnämnd) found that his risk of relapse was considered low, with all but one of ten members of the committee voting yes to the man’s application to adopt. HD noted, however, that the public servants and the politically appointed board members were not given access to the documents giving details about his alleged sex crime.

Furthermore, the newspaper noted, the claim that the older man, who is known to chat with young girls on the internet, did not risk a criminal relapse was not in any way explained in the tribunal’s statement. There were no supporting documents to back up the assessment.

While he was never charged for the suspected rape of a 14-year-old girl, social services decided after the incident that he from then on needed supervision when spending time with his own children. A few years later, in 2007, the man was deemed to be in the risk zone for sex crime relapse, and his “probable victims” were underage girls. The review recommended that the man be given treatment and parenting training.

The man now wants to formally adopt his ten-year-old stepson, whose mother he married in 2009. The mother recently passed away from illness but was alive when her husband applied to adopt her son and was interviewed by social services to give her consent.

I’ll be the justification goes somthing like this…”Oh its ok…he won’t fuck his own kids, just the neighbours…no problem.”

These filthy pedos need a copper coated lead injection.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Agree. The very least should be chemical castration, if not actual. But that’s only a poor substitute for a sturdy rope and a 3 legged wobbly stool in each prison cell.

    But by far, the best option should be public executions, selling raffle tickets to see who gets to deliver a high velocity solution for society.

    Why is it, society can humanly put down a dog that bites, yet adult humans that choose to completely ruin an innocent child’s life is allowed to survive after committing the most heinous and vile of angry, aggressive, hurtful crimes on innocent children. These individuals even get to thrive with free accommodation, food, medical and dental care, and a sheltered, protected environment after the event.

    Surely those individuals could be used to test new drugs/medications on instead of mice, dogs and animals?

    • irishlullaby

      The Swedes have bent over so far backwards over being cuddly and nice to immigrant rapists, paedos and murderers that many of the indigenous Swedes are emigrating as their country lurches towards a liberal scumpond. By falling over themselves to be nice and caring to the cultural enrichers they have lightened up on all their laws to ensure no one feels perculturally perrsecuted”.

      Because of this the home grown sexual predators are having a ball ( not that there are many of them) but it is easy to see that treating others with kid gloves means that those indigenous citizens who in the past, would have been pilloried, now receive the same “understanding” treatment as the recent third world immigrants of a certain culture.

      Total disaster – truly sad and they only have themselves to blame. Social liberalism at its worst, paid for by the few decent Swedes who have had the strength to remain. Hopefully they will live happily ever after with all the disastrous decisions they have made in the last decade which has turned theironce seen as perfect society into one which seems to have slid into a lawless hellhole where morals do not exist anymore.

      bring back ABBA!

      • Night Stick

        Apparently there is a Muslim trend to target Jews in Sweden and they are beginning to emigrate to escape it. Gang rapes, which were rare in Sweden before, are becoming more prevalent. These incidents are rarely published by our media, or the subsequent Swedish right wing backlash of course.

        • irishlullaby

          Yes, there are only a few blogs still left up that CAIR and similar muslim institutions have not managed to destroy with their constant legal suits and complaint about those who want to get the truth out there.

          I see Memri is gone – Google are real cowards when comes to that particular culture.
          I usually have a look at ”The Local” and “Islam versus Europe” who are still getting this sort of info. out as the MSM will not touch it with a barge pole. Too sacred of rioting muslims that the politicians and police know they will not be able to contain. Millions of them in Europe, prepared to die on the streets if necessary to push their “cause” and demanding more and more rights every day. And getting them.

          The only ones prepared to stand up to them are France and Russia. Greece and Bulgaria are presently building walls on their borders to keep them out and still the MSM ignore it.
          Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur and Eye on the World (UK) an ex muslim ex British army guy, are both good sources of info on the present situation. They also will pass you onto other brave souls who still have their heads on their necks and the guts to try and get it out there.

          • Night Stick

            Although a real threat still, the Islamic movement has within the seeds of its own destruction. One being the various factions of Islam are a jealous lot and split easily, as can be seen in Egypt. The other is the internet which is really an uncontrollable beast and the freedoms that we infidels enjoy are on full display to any Muslim with a computer. Young Muslims will not be chained to a Medieval ideology when all around them people are enjoying themselves, dressing as they please and voicing their own opinions.

          • irishlullaby

            One can only hope but many seem to be retreating into their religion more and more. After having ruled so much of the world for 1400 centuries believing they were the supreme religion their prophet told them they were and having only lets Jews and Christians live as dhimmis in their lands right up to 1900 they truly believe they can overtake us by numbers and regain the staus quo.

            Especially as they have realised they can drain Europe financially through benefits and corruption plus the huge funds they send back to their brothers.

            Not to mention the cousin marriage where several in just one family can jam up the National health at 250,000 a year for each genetically damaged infant who can each be entitled to a welfare carer on a daily basis.

            There is much to be careful about in the future – look at the concessions they are entitled to in Australia, much higher benefits than the natives! How has much of the west let this happen? Apart from the fact that labour Govts. would sell their own mothers for votes!

            And as we saw in Ulster – it only takes one or two to wreak horror and destruction on innocents for decades – and it is still happening.


        Struth Irish, I was with ya all the way until the ABBA bit at the end :)

        • irishlullaby

          Those were the days, my friend!

    • Dave

      Agree with the first paragraph bloke, our prisoners are constantly complaining of the lack of amenities, perhaps NZ inc could splash some taxpayer cash for a note pad and parer, plus your suggestion of a sturdy rope and a three legged stool. Be happy for a little plaque on each stool.. “Provided by the victims of crime”

  • williamabong

    The big problem here is we don’t understand these people, he’s had time in the justice system and been cured, just like the ones we jail here.
    Sooner the Rednecks round here, myself included, get our heads round tthe fact that our prison system does work the better for all, good food, a warm comfortable bed, and love and support cures all criminal thoughts, and these people leave jail cured and ready to contribute to society and repay their debt.

  • Any Mother who chooses to marry a Pedo and put her children in danger should be done for child endangerment.

  • Night Stick

    It appears the boy has no close relatives in Sweden.

    • Cowgirl

      2 words: foster parents

  • baw

    Only god can tell us if this man has reformed and changed his ways and will not re-offend in future.

    Yet what happens in NZ if a sex offender has children after their conviction and release? What does Cyfs do?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    There is just no justification or excuse these dirty low life bastards can use for committing these heinous crimes against innocent children. They should also take their chances in the general population in prison not segregation because we can’t execute them.

  • timemagazine

    The Scandinavians are a lost bunch of people. The other day I read that the Norwegian army goes vegetarian. That would be fine and dandy, if it stays there, but it will be ammunition for the left everywhere. And that is really scary.

  • Cowgirl

    Maybe because it’s a boy they think the risk is low? But seriously WTF? Also I thought there were age restrictions on adoption, since this guy might almost be considered elderly? Is he really the best person to see this boy into adulthood, even if he manages to live that long?